01–2023: Male Gender Collapse

Chapter 1

Note to readers ~ Remember this is a work of fiction.

Note to readers ~ You can read past, already published chapters HERE.

In October 2023, “Male Gender Collapse” was announced in full page ads in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall street Journal, The Guardian and The Economist.

Why? By whom? By Spring of 2023 all ecological-environmental groups were desperate for more leverage to make world leaders “do the right thing.” The Sierra Club rented Los Angeles Convention Center For June 15th 2023. It was also live-video-streamed worldwide. 60 other aligned eco groups signed on as co-sponsors.

In the Convention Ctr., the desperation to do something was palpable. What emerged was a commitment to fund the most radical direct attack yet conceived, on failed male leadership, a wake-up call so big, it’s impossible to ignore.

It was proposed to take out full page ads titled “Male Gender Collapse, What to Do About It.” After hearing the copy read aloud, participants on the spot, thru cell phone donations, exceeded the funding goal.

The printed piece read:

begin Q

There could be no climate collapse, no climate crisis, without 100–200 years of failed male leadership. The male gender has failed SpaceShip Earth and everyone living on it.

We declare Do-Nothing Male Oligarchy obsolete. We declare failed male leadership in both governments and the corporate world, Homo Self-destructivus. Between 1820–2022 males have made SpaceShip Earth’s environment toxic — interpersonally, politically, economically, environmentally and spiritually.


Male Gender Collapse, the genetic aspect, occurring since the 1950s, is formally, officially and publicly declared a biological-environmental catastrophe. We demand more women run for elected offices in Nov. 2024. If you are ready, go here:

https://www.RunForOffice.org “Search over 151,326 elected offices across the USA”



An immense support and funding system already exists to support first-timers running for office. Use it.

World Wars I & II did NOT end dictators, racism and segregation

After World War II, in the late 1940s, it was thought the door was closed on dictators and genocide. Fascism is defined as corrupt collusion between corporate leaders and government elected officials. Wasn’t WW II fought to end fascism? Instead, the Reagan counter-revolution, funded by elite oligarchs, invited corporate elites to again collude with elected elites. Together they ushered in the New Gilded Age, 1990–2022, a springtime for fascism. Men — as a gender, you have failed.

Building on economist Michael Hudson’s research; and, David Graeber’s Debt, the First 5,000 Years, DiAngelo Red Hawk, in her Jan. 2023 New York Times #1 bestseller, Homo-self-destructivus, laid out the values of failed males, their top values:

“- Material wealth measured exclusively by asset portfolios,

- Disaster Capitalism (The Shock Doctrine (2007), smash and grab; take the money and run,

- Winner-take-all, King of the Hill competition, there can only be one winner, all others must lose,

- Might-makes-right,

- Win~lose (social Darwinism),

- Socialism for the rich, dog-eat-dog for the 99%.

Red Hawk continues, “SpaceShip Earth has been run by a failed species. I’m naming this failed species ‘Homo-self-destructivus.’

“Since the 1970s, indigenous people — especially indigenous women — have been pointing out toxic, destructive male, one-sidedness. In my job as a Human Resources consultant, I had opportunity to interview several hundred men and executives. My clients ran many of the world best-known corporations. Over the years, in 22 notebooks, I collected my interview notes. This later enabled me to summarize and characterize male one-sidedness succinctly. I put it this way. When males were asked, ‘What kind of Earth are we leaving to our children?’ Males ignored the question.

The three MALE monkeys

dg-three monkeys

For males, the classic statue also became:

- See no women, listen to no women, allow no women to speak,

- See no Nature — except as a resource to exploit,

- See no employees, no working class — except as a resource to exploit.

- See no children, listen to no children, except as a resource to exploit.

A greed-driven, profit-based, “Boys Club” Financial Oligarchy Class, will always be in conflict with and opposed to the welfare of those who make, produce and deal with real, tangible goods; roughly, the 99%. A one-sided male perspective will never lead to better quality of life, for the next seven generations for the 99%, on SpaceShip Earth.

Males claimed superiority along these lines, ‘We inherit the Earth from our past, to do with it what we want, as much as we want, to make as much money as we can. Only wealth extraction, only profit matters. This is Nature’s way of competition.’

The above norm is (1) why males blame each other for their total lack of personal accountability, (2) why males give only lip service on Sundays to any truly human values; and (3) why males ignore and deny accountability altogether. Blame is their game, a child’s game.

Since the 1970s, more and more, indigenous peoples, and some African-Americans, often led by women, have been emphasizing, ‘We, this current generation, are borrowing Earth, Nature and natural resources from our children’s future. We today, are stewards of Earth, for the next seven generations.’

At the bottom, the statement was signed by 75 eco group co-sponsors. The page ended with, “Please support, donate to and vote for female candidates for public office this November (2024).”

end Q

Women’s response to Male Gender Collapse

In Nov. 2024, 375 women ran as Democratic, Independent and Green candidates, for elected city, state and national US offices. 252 ran for Senate and Representative seats. The pattern of very few women winning city, state, national elections was broken. 117 of these 252 women running were elected. 12 women were elected the Senate on the Democratic side, one on the Republican side. 104 to the House of Representatives; again, overwhelmingly on the Democratic side.

Q: Where males were incapable of cooperating and finding solutions? Were women able to view current problems afresh?

A: Yes. Women had the superpower of more truly human values on their side: self-connection, ability to connect emotionally with others, cooperation, collaboration and finally negotiation.

Increasingly, a consensus of political groups, environmental groups and labor unions coalesced around the task of identifying young leadership talent, encouraging them to run; then, supporting them financially and with social media support The result? More of their members ran for elected public office. More and more, it was women winning, not men.

Looking back from 2085, 2022–2024 was clearly the start of more women in leadership positions worldwide, at all levels of social order and government. How do historians explain this? Only women, had values aligned with the shifts needed for SpaceShip Earth after Homo self-destructivus, values of:

- Emotional connection with self and with others,

- Interpersonal Cooperation, and

- Team Collaboration

Where males conceiving of the above only in terms of sports teams, winning and losing, profit and loss, women conceived of the above as workable, realistic means to the end of family, neighborhood, city, state and national legislation to produce measurable quality of life improvements for the 99%.

Next chapter ~ Atlantic magazine: “The End of Men” (2010)




Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA

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Bruce Dickson

Bruce Dickson

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA

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