#3 Befriending Your Biology: To the Student

Befriending Your Biology collage made by the author

What you will do in Freshman year

For those with little anatomy background, the Anatomy Coloring Book will be a required text. For those with considerable anatomy background, a pass-fail test to skip Basic Anatomy is available.

What about vital signs in USBA?

A class on taking each other’s vital signs and demographic info is given. It includes role plays for taking vitals from children, infants and resistant patients. This prepares you to take vital signs and demographic information for new clinic patients.

SIDEBAR ~ What happened to vital signs?

Measures of temperature, pulse and respiration were based on the idea of homeostasis. The idea was a “basket” of homeostatic set-points taken together could and would define “health” and “wellness” based on demographic averages of “normal.”

Whatever happened to patient intake case histories?

I am willing to take any case, without seeing the person, or having any case history , and in thirty minutes can tell by the numbers what the problem is — Choose Life or Death pg. 85

Patient-Specific healthcare

As you know, since the 2040s-2050s, public healthcare has shifted radically from “disease-specific” to “patient-specific.” We credit the World Health Org. (WHO) for their efforts, beginning in 2040 to pro-actively address national and international public health. Their goal was to avoid future pandemic episodes like the 2020–2021 pandemic. By 2035 the WHO understood Old Medicine, diagnose-drug-vacccine medicine was doing nothing at all to increase national and international health security for the 99%.



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Bruce Dickson

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