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Urine-Saliva Biomarker Analysis, USBA, is based on RBTI.

Central to USBA (RBTI) is realizing we merely move a person’s body into the “healing range” and supply what the body needs. Who performs the actual healing? God and Mother Nature working thru your body. If you believe this is absurd, you are free to use the program as you see fit. If it works, great! — Joel Horst


“In 1931, Dr. Carey Reams discovered an array of seven biomarker values; which together, represented optimal wellness of our internal Living Waters. The numbers were derived from non-invasive, fresh samples of urine…

In 2021, this excerpt from Web of Debt, seems more timely than ever!


Ellen is an active and courageous blogger on financial freedom and reform topics. Learn all about her here http://www.WebofDebt.com Excerpted with permission from Ellen from Chapter 1 of Web of Debt,

Permission to excerpt her article granted Oct 7, 2011. Posting it again. Not elsewhere on Medium.

To incoming students 2122
I’m only in the first grade, compared to where you [students] are going to take this ~ Carey Reams

Befriending Your Biology collage made by the author

The ideal student for USBA training…
1) Has attended a Waldorf-methods middle school; where, urine-saliva testing experiments were done, as part of a one month Health & Self-care curriculum block. This led to determining the correct calcium to balance your biochemistry, at this time.

2) Has attended a Waldorf-methods high school; where, as part of a one month Health & Self-care curriculum block, a refractometer was used to examine both plant juices and human urine to determine…

No statements in this text were evaluated by the FDA nor any other federal or state government agency. No information here nor products mentioned, are intended to diagnose, treat or cure any human being or animal.
This includes all equipment and other tools shown or illustrated, for any form of physical measurement or biofeedback.
Their sole purpose of this text is for education and research in public health education, intended for private individual use; or, for education and research purposes, by licensed healthcare professionals, acting in their licensed capacity and respecting the laws, statutes, regulatory and contract provisions of their…

#1 of pre-publication serialization of Befriending Your Biology; Physical Health from the Inside Out (forthcoming). You can subscribe at no cost HERE.

Positive Stories of Restoration support us to push back and replace, overwhelming numbers of zombie apocalypse futures. This is a future history of mainstream healthcare 100 years from now. Once the main part begins, this is near-term science fiction pretending to be a freshman 2122 textbook.

Why go out 100 years to tell a Story of Restoration for healthcare? It will take this long:
- To get beyond current arguments and cancel culture,
- For colleges to again be places…

Messages from the Body (The Body’s Desk Reference) by Michael Lincoln.

Messages from the Body book


An eBook existed until recently. If preferred, email them to see if still available.

This is Body Symbology done right. It fulfills the promise of original Psychosomatic Medicine (1955–1965).

Students of holistic healing and Energy Medicine will know a large percent of physical problems track back to non-physical mental-emotional causes, to 90%. These can be cleared — if you have patience, expertise and the luxury of time. Working with ‘God is my Partner’ speeds up this process.

He’s still updating it; latest update preferred but not crucial. Messages…

By Ellen Brown ~ May 18, 2021

The crisis of 2020 has created the greatest wealth gap in history. What went wrong​, ​what can be done?

In a matter of decades, the United States has gone from a somewhat benign form of capitalism to a neo-feudal form that has created an ever-widening gap in wealth and power. In his 2013 bestseller Capital in the 21st Century, French economist Thomas Piketty declared that “the level of inequality in the US is probably higher than in any other society at any time in the past anywhere in the world.” …

With Vicki Robin, activist and best-selling author on sustainable living

March 2021 30 minute podcast HERE.

Excerpted and revised from the transcript:

Vicki: What can go right when we do protect our democracy, when we participate to ensure government works for us?

Starhawk: There have been many times in my life where I’ve called myself an anarchist, not because I don’t want structure or governance, but out of a vision of smaller self-organizing communities based on mutual aid and personal responsibility.
I believe we very much need structure and effective government actually working to help the 99% of people. I’m hopeful we can have more of this in 2021. I…

cartoons you can use :)

see source below

I just read a 2009 article recently circulated on Academia.edu, “Organizational challenges in Ringing Cedars ecovillage.”

My comment is this examples what I believe is the biggest failure pattern of ecovillages and ICs worldwide: lack of attention to Best Practices in Group Process.

screenshot from Insight website

Even in So. California where this topic was developed into several mature forms, BPinGP is little known.

Even tho the literature of BPinGP is matured, the topic remains little known.

Even tho Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication (NVC) has developed additional mature training methods for Interpersonal Competency, BPinGP too is little known and little-practiced.

The above sums up the…

Bruce Dickson

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles,CA

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