My best guess how to prevent all future pandemics. What needs to be learned to do so.

In 2036, the first five Heartfelt College Experiences (New Colleges) pilot program campuses opened. …

The next piece from Befriending Your Biology; Physical Health from the Inside Out available on Kindle now.

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Students familiar with Reams’ legacy, are likely to imagine Reams’ significance for 2122 lies in several health innovations which appear to track back to him:
- The benefits of drinking distilled water (Reams…

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Another piece from Befriending Your Biology; Physical Health from the Inside Out. Just published on Kindle. Installments on Medium.

What is Dr. Reams’ significance for 2122?

Ten years after the start of the first USBA clinic in Owerri, Nigeria, the Swiss Nobel Committee granted Dr. Reams a posthumous Nobel Prize for medicine.

Here is the Committee’s reasons…

See also value void, values vacuum chat in this series.

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As I look back from 2021 on the past 50 years of intentional community, some patterns are come clear to me. For example, the most sustainable and long-lived communities were always those with clear; and, written statements of their truly…

Serializing most of the pieces in order from Befriending Your Biology; Physical Health from the Inside Out

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What comes next is a brief story of Dr. Carey Reams. His unusual story suggests the many obstacles and long distance, mainstream culture, politics and commerce had to travel to transform to where…

Quotes from Stephen Gilligan, PhD, one the most fruitful students of Milton Erickson, MD. Steve’s remarks slightly expanded on for clarity.

In the movie “Pleasantville”, a teenage brother and sister from the 1990’s find themselves transported back into a 1950’s black and white TV sitcom landscape based on the old…

Installment of 2021 book, Befriending Your Biology; Physical Health from the Inside Out on Kindle.

Why didn’t the method of urine-saliva biomarker testing happen earlier?
Dr. Reams was the first chemist to recognize soil, plant, animal and human biochemistry have similarities and can inform each other. While soil chemistry had been…

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness” ~ Dalai Lama

“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root” ~ Thoreau


Present readership excepted, of course, I perceive many intentional communities and their leaders have a blindspot on values.

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Urine-Saliva Biomarker Analysis, USBA, is based on RBTI.

Central to USBA (RBTI) is realizing we merely move a person’s body into the “healing range” and supply what the body needs. Who performs the actual healing? God and Mother Nature working thru your body. If you believe this is absurd, you…

In 2021, this excerpt from Web of Debt, seems more timely than ever!


Ellen is an active and courageous blogger on financial freedom and reform topics. Learn all about her here Excerpted with permission from Ellen from Chapter 1 of Web of Debt,

Permission to excerpt her article granted Oct 7, 2011…

Bruce Dickson

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles,CA

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