Carey Reams contribution to clear Therapeutic Direction in healthcare

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Students familiar with Reams’ legacy, are likely to imagine Reams’ significance for 2122 lies in several health innovations which appear to track back to him:
- The benefits of drinking distilled water (Reams and others),
- The benefits of drinking water with lemon in it,
- Experimenting with litmus-hydrion paper to test urine-saliva pH,
- The significance of minerals and trace minerals — obtained ideally thru foods — for human health.

Many more health ideas track back to him; like, bees ting therapy for arthritis: however, above are his ideas which readers will be most familiar with.

Wide reading in Reams’ legacy reveals several radical aspects, significant to today. From the many classroom transcripts and the three intro books he collaborated on, Reams does not sound like a radical nor a revolutionary. He sounds like a man with a vision; and, his theory and method was revolutionary, literally 110 years ahead of his time.

During his health work, Reams was in hospitals and collaborated with many MDs and surgeons. He saw the good they could do. As with many great men, Reams was not against anyone. In human health, he was FOR more workable understandings and methods to produce optimal wellness. The same for soils and plants, what more workable understandings and methods produced optimal high-Brix produce?

Similarly, Reams’ close students were interested in becoming competent at what Reams was doing and thinking. They were not interested in being medical heretics.

The radical nature of Reams’ legacy is downplayed in RBTI literature. We believe it supports Healthcare College freshmen to expose the radical aspects of Reams’ legacy. Doing so will also highlight which vested interests are reactive and offended by what USBA can do.

The biggest significance Reams had for healthcare and Public health Education is he was the first to solve the big problem in Old Medicine: The absence of any numerical measures for; or, criteria for, optimal physical-metabolic wellness.

Homeopathy had failed at this, chiropractic had failed at this; and, Germ Theory had failed at this. In Old Medicine, homeostasis and vital signs based on homeostasis, were simply too vague, irrelevant, and partial.

Let’s shift to a musical metaphor. In an orchestra, the conductor knows what the orchestra sounds like under his or her leadership, when all instruments are playing harmoniously. Addressing dysfunction in one player or one instrument at a time DOES NOT NECESSARILY EQUAL a harmonious orchestra performance. The result can still be chaos even if every individual player plays perfectly. Only when each plays well and listen well to each other, does harmony manifest.

In medicine, even when internal terrain is defined as the sum of bones, organs, tissues and fluids, this does not resolve to useful numerical values for comparison. A separate measure of “normal” for each organ individually; and, each system individually, on its own, can still provide neither therapeutic clarity nor direction.

In the 2040s, thru bipartisan legislation, “non-productive” advertising was taxed so heavily, patent drug advertising shrank to its “culturally appropriate size,” almost to nothing. How? Big Pharma and Big Agra were more regulated about what they could and could not advertise. After 2045, the public was educated more and more to all the positive, supportive functions of microbes. An old 2006 book, Teaming with Microbes, Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web (2006) by Jeff Lowenfels, Wayne Lewis, was re-issued and spent weeks on the New York Times bestseller list. Mass media and the public came more and more, to see microbes as having both beneficial and detrimental behaviors — not only a negative side. Clearly in the realm of bread and beverage fermentation, the beneficial roles of microbes far out-weighed negative aspects.

Confronted by all the good news about microbes outside of human beings, by the 2060s, the problems of excessive microbes, of the wrong kind, inside human bodies, shrunk to its culturally appropriate size and dimension. It was no longer possible to scare people with germs.

People were tired of being scared by Pasteur’s Big Bad Wolf germs-pathogens: “The Big Bad Wolf is out to get you. He’s coming for YOU so you better WATCH OUT!” It took several decades, yet, humanity evolved beyond a fear response to germs generally. It was all a big misunderstanding, promoted primarily by drug makers. Like bloodletting, the Germ Theory of Pathology and Contagion was thrown on the dustbin of history (“contagion” was re-defined but is beyond our scope here).

The longer answer is, the 2052 Americans Against Fear-mongering Act made it illegal to sell products to the public based on lack of un-embedded peer review and public disclosure of USBA testing of any research where human subjects were claimed to be be infected by pathogens which failed to meet Koch’s original postulates. The Act was to discourage products being sold to the public based on fear alone. Historians say after 2050 people chose to return to a closer partnership with Nature; and, turn away from Pasteur’s bio-military metaphors for human-germ warfare.

Once Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) embraced USBA testing in the US, urine-saliva metabolic testing spread back to China and worldwide. That was in the 2060s. Consider: traditional Japanese and traditional Chinese religions are more Nature-oriented than Western religions. Nature Religions people never separated from Nature as the West did and as Western Science did.
Did you know there is no germ contagion theory of any kind in TCM?
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If we had to select only one radical aspect, it would be this:
Reams filled a big void in Old Medicine where reliable Therapeutic Direction towards physical health was missing.

Diagnose-drug-cut doctors, for all the good they do with trauma, accident and emergency medicine, primarily look backwards to anatomy-pathology; and then, to germs present in sick tissue. From the “Man From Mars” perspective, they were theoretically adrift; they had no concept of whole-body thriving human health to guide them. Vital signs, which produced numbers, even when taken altogether, did not provide any coherent array possible to claim as “whole-body wellness.” Drug Docs were stuck with the weakest possible definition of “health” as “mere normalacy.”

All seven numbers of USBA (RBTI) (R7), is — so far — the easiest, cheapest, non-invasive way to measure and perceive if internal terrain is going towards or away from its healing range of biomarker values. From each person’s number array, beneficial diet-drink recommendations can be derived. With adequate willingness to heal and self-discipline, patrons can arrange for their internal terrain to return to Nature’s healing range of values.

Our greedy mind, our ambitious mind, our show-off mind, imagines there is power in knowing everything. This is the classic error of Dr. Faust. Dr. Bertrand Babinet called this the seduction of “information as the source of knowing.” This is “dark light,” the seduction to “come hither, down this path, I promise you power over life and death.”

Our mental ego likes more information and more knowledge. Yet what works for patrons is simpler: more clear therapeutic direction. Patrons who want to heal, want to know how to balance their internal fluid terrain. They want to know which diet-drink-supplement experiments support Nature’s Plan for their body, which do not. They want recommendations for simple experiments to nudge their biochemical values into greater wellness.
In healthcare, promises have little power. The most power comes from results; then, from clear Therapeutic Direction. This is why, in this text, it is capitalized.

If you are guessing, running around between a dozen healing modes and methods, like a chicken with its head cut off, you have a lot going on; everyone may be highly entertained; yet, your knowledge may be a mile wide and only one inch deep. Too many “irons in the fire” is no substitute for a clear stand, in numerical terms, so any practitioner trained in reading R7 number arrays can verify and validate your conclusions about which foods, drink and lifestyle to lean into next.

In healing, “more methods” does not necessarily translate to clear, strong Therapeutic Direction. Guessing is over-rated. 30 minutes of low-cost, low-tech testing-analysis can give you numbers to compare to a Chart to learn which way your internal Living Waters are heading. “Why guess when you can know?”

For any patron with significant physical or metabolic disorder, workable Therapeutic Direction is the best gift you can give a client, THE most useful tool.

Reams brought soil chemistry and human chemistry together
Dr Reams never really separated his two professions:
- agricultural consultant; and
- human health consultant.

Over the decades, he developed extensive knowledge bases on both.
He used urine and saliva specimens tested with the identical LaMotte soil testing approach Reams favoured when evaluating soil health. Since he also had an undergraduate degree in chemistry, along with other progressive agronomists, he established links between the needs of earth soil (terrain); and, the internal Living Waters of a person, the interior fluid terrain all our cells and organs swim in.

As in agriculture, deficient soils yield unhealthy produce, which are prone to parasites, rot, fungi, etc. Inside a human body, an out-of-balance lymph and interstitial fluid degrades all cells and all organs. In humans, when interstitial-lymph-fluid pH is too high or too low, access to minerals and vitamins is reduced.

To mix metaphors, our liquid-fluid internal Waters are the “soil” of our cells, the supportive context and environment for all our cells and all our organs.

Dr. Reams realized for both plants and people, soil was the key. Reams never mentioned Pasteur’s famous death-bed confession, “The terrain is everything, the germ is nothing.” Reams agreed; and, he had numbers for each client, derived from their lymph products.

Dr. Reams started a Health Retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Georgia. People seeking wellness would come to this retreat for one to several weeks and be given a diet to suit their body chemistry. Many of them left feeling better than they had felt in years. It was quite amazing. His success with treating terminal cancer patients, abandoned by the regular medicine to die, was astounding. He only lost 6 patients of the 10,000 treated in one year!
That’s a 99.94% success rate with TERMINAL PATIENTS. (archived)

Since the 1800s, the Old Medicine Academy had been focussed on pathology. Their goal as health practitioners was, ‘Avoid all sickness, all pathology.’ Many readers will recognize this as a weak “away-from goal.” Knowing what you don’t want and wish to avoid, is NOT the same as knowing what you do want. The difference? Directionality. Only a child prior to puberty imagines avoiding pain, avoiding illness, is an effective goal. Old Medicine contributed to the false goal of quantity over quality, simply ‘Staying alive.’

Knowing what you do want gives positive direction to your unconscious. Negative goals often emphasize the negative because whatever repeats becomes a habit. The more clear, specific and numerically defined your “towards goal” is, the easier it is to get where you want to go.

Compared to Reams, Old Medicine was shooting in the dark, guessing at health. Subtracting illness. Not building wellness, health, vitality. Not even much interested in learning HOW to nurture and build sustainable physical health, nor healthy internal terrain. Nor were MDs much interested in ANY theory of how our internal terrain makes new cells, how it replaces old cells with new ones. Their primary concern was pathology. Period.

What was Reams doing?
- He had a number array defining optimal wellness, for all ages, all races, all classes, all religions,
- He had a visual Chart of biomarker values, clearly showing where biochemical health lay, in ranges of values, for each of the seven variables,
- He had a great and abiding interest in HOW the body makes new cells, HOW it replaces old cells with new ones, HOW healing-rebuilding is disturbed; and, how healing-rebuilding is facilitated.

If pathology-diagnosis-drug-surgery-medicine and Reams’ urine-saliva testing-interpreting were each two race cars in a car race; and, the goal was “optimal wellness,” who do you imagine was driving the winning vehicle?
Of course, in another race, where the goal was corporate profit, guess who was driving the winning vehicle?

Q: If USBA was such a winning health strategy, why didn’t it take hold sooner?

A: The almost-blind leading the blind approach of avoiding pathology was profitable. This is why this text mentions the role of effective K-12 education as the foundation of effective Public Health Education. The more habituated the masses become to thinking for themselves, the more willing they are to take charge of their own healthcare, to at least some degree. The more the masses are denied higher education, the more quickly they become Sheeple, herded around by those making loud noises.

Reams was one of several medical heretics demonstrating the Emperor of Old Medicine was naked in public.

Bio-individuality comes from two sources:
- Two people rarely if ever eat exactly the same diet, and
- Even if they did, genetic variations guarantee they would process the same food somewhat differently.

Significance? Health in USBA terms assumes bio-individuality. You can’t get away from it. That’s the bad news. Fortunately we have two pieces of good news:
- Our immune System Self maintains blood pH at 7.4 as its highest priority after breathing. We don’t have to do anything to receive this benefit,
- From Reams we know the ideal biochemistry of our interstitial-lymph-fluid, our internal milieu, our Living Waters, is 6.4 pH. The pH of our internal “fish bowl” is NOT our body’s highest priority. However, thru simple diet-drink management, anyone interested can learn how to balance and support our lymph, our internal fish bowl, in which all our cells and organs must live and be nourished by.

Could this situation possibly be by Angelic Design? Perhaps to invite souls in the human experience, to become effective stewards of their own physical bodies? We let you decide this for yourself.

For the above reasons, Urine-Saliva Biomarker Analysis ala Reams is:

- the END of “one size fits all” medicine, humans treated as herd animals,

- the END of “one size fits all” diets, the end of an overwhelming number of different diet plans. Diet suggestions for healing-rebuilding have to be more individual than generic. “A diet for everyone” is obsolete. With biomarker testing as needed, your own body becomes the expert on which diet-supplements work for you — which do not. USBA is the end of guessing about foods and diets. “Why guess when you can know?”

- The END of overwhelming and contradictory health information and opinion. For each person eating to move your numbers towards the A Range, will be a somewhat unique journey.

- The END of hundreds of food-supplement fads. Innovation in foods and supplements are often good news. However, if they say, “This is good for everyone,” beware. It may be more about making money than individual benefit.

- The END of overwhelming, contradictory, confusing advice on which water to drink. No more guessing; now your own body can inform you which water and how much to drink.

Does the above mean Reams knew everything; we should never modify his method? No. It does mean Reams set a high bar of practical results; so far, never duplicated elsewhere to our knowledge.

Since the 2040s, USBA-RBTI has become more and more mainstream as health insurers have embraced it as an effective cost-cutting measure. USBA is cheaper and more effective, for all but trauma-accident-acute care patients.

Q: What about Reams’ Theory of Biological Ionization?

A: This topic is discussed in the section on Reams Alt-Physics, Alt-Biology Seminar, further below in this text.

First Stage illness: Interstitial-lymph-fluid, our internal fish bowl, in which all cells and all organs “live, move and have their being,” goes out of balance towards acid or alkaline,

Second Stage illness: After months of imbalanced interstitial-lymph-fluid, tissues and organs begin to decline and slide into pathological conditions,

Third Stage illness: Natures Wrecking Crew, microbes and parasites, are attracted to any cells and tissues tasting of fermentation and/or decay.

Fourth Stage illness: Old Medicine doctors diagnose which germ(s) are priority for the presenting pathology,

Fifth Stage illness: Conventional docs prescribe drug(s) targeting germs identified at Stage Four. Reducing bacterial overgrowth can be a significant temporary benefit — but only temporary. Fermenting tissues still attract new bacteria. Drugs typically have no nutritional value; they offer nothing for the body to build new cells with. The patient’s body declines further, as it is now burdened with responding to synthetic drugs and excreting them.

Sixth Stage of illness: When drugs are inadequate to stop pathology, surgery and more aggressive radiation treatments are recommended, to kill sick cells conceived of as similar to bad bacteria.

Germ Theory doctors trained only to look for a “bug” (microbe) which “caused” pathology; and then, a drug to reduce numbers of this one bug — were attending to and treating no higher than effects at the third level of illness. While Drug Doctors worked at only the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth stages of illness, Reams was working primarily at the First, Second and Third Stages. Reams only had to reverse thru one or two Stages. Conventional docs had to backtrack thru four, five or six stages.

Worse, Old Medicine doctors believed the body’s most important organs were the brain, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs. Vital signs measured “normal” activity in these organs.

A way exists to compare the Old Medicine view of the body with the Reams view of the body.

It’s as if Old Medicine doctors were taught all internal organs were approximately the same, like all checkers on a checkerboard, at the beginning of a game of checkers. No piece is intrinsically worth more or more valuable.
Reams viewed our internal organs more like a chess board. On a chessboard, the King, Queen and two Castles are intrinsically most valuable. For Reams the King would be the brain, the Queen would be the interstitial-lymph-fluid, the Two Castles would be the liver. All other organs tho valuable, are lesser players.
In this conceiving of organs, it’s more clear which organs should be top priority to support and nurture. Also more clear is how these organs — when improved — benefit ALL cells and organs.

A more workable, low-tech, whole-body conceiving, for anyone seriously interested in metabolic feedback-feedforward, has yet to be suggested. Do you know of one?

Dr. Reams was a farming consultant and biophysicist. When he realized soil tests his firm conducted could also analyze the urine or saliva of an individual — well or sick — this could be used as a guide for leading the sick back towards the numbers which represented optimal wellness. He knew he had a winner.
From intro to Dr. Gibson: Selected Books and Articles: Edited by Rex Harrill (2016).

A: In the language of 2122, both personally and professionally, Reams was whole-brained to an unusual degree. He employed intelligences from both right-brain and from left-brain:

Left-brain ~ Experimental specimen collection, testing, calculations towards a fresh set of seven biomarker values.

Right-brain ~ Introverted intuition (Ni) supported by Extraverted Sensing (Se) and introverted thinking (Ti) for the big task of interpreting numbers “backwards” into “pictures” of what’s happening inside the body: digestion, assimilation, energy production, and waste elimination, how well or poorly each is doing, given the last meal 2–3 hours ago.

Your Healthcare College bookstore displays the USBA texts recommended at this time.

A professional-grade textbook on Biomarker Analysis exists. It’s short casual name is “RBTI Human Nutrition Text” or “Beddoe’s Human Nutrition Text.” The long title is Biological Ionization as applied to Human Nutrition; Principles and Techniques of Dr. Carey A. Reams.

It’s by Dr. A.F. (Sande) Beddoe, D.D.S. Reams’ daughter, Betty, said this is the book her father was consistently most excited about. Beddoe worked with Reams for 10 years. Beddoe has many similarities with other famous biological dentists, Weston Price and Melvyn Page.

After Reams died in 1985, he was no longer around for people to place on a pedestal. Significantly, younger health researchers exploring RBTI in the 2000s re-oriented their books away from Reams the man and personality; and towards, the practice of the seven tests.

The earliest texts up to and including Beddoe (2008), start with the Reams’ theory of life, cells, the universe and everything. This follows a time-honored whole-to-part organizing strategy, first the big picture; then testing details; finally, how-to practicals.

The problem with this approach was Reams’ “theory of everything” is wide-ranging in the extreme. It easily overwhelms readers without a solid background in chemistry — and even many readers with such a background! His original terminology and many new concepts complicate learning the method. When the theory is unintentionally over-emphasized this way, you may lose a lot of readers before you even get to R7 and the personal benefits of bettering your interpretative skills.

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles,CA