CBS 60 Minutes Jun. 28: how and why covid tests were and are so unreliable

Bruce Dickson
16 min readJul 31, 2020

Faulty COVID-19 tests complicate efforts to separate persons with “positive test results” from persons with active symptoms” from “covid fatalities.”

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No requirement to read all the below. Video above is sufficient. The Headlines section below summarizes the longer text following.

From Headline: While there seems to be no reliable way to assess just how many positive test results are in fact false positives, as testing continues to climb, it seems clear the number of false results is likely to be quite high.

Meanwhile, hospitalizations and actual deaths,* have dramatically declined. The week of July 4, a grand total of 522 Americans died with or from COVID-19. The week of July 11, the death toll was down to 181, and that’s for the entire nation.16

Mortality peaked the week of April 18, with 16,897 deaths, and has dropped by the thousands every week since. At this point, I think it would be safe to say we’re out of the danger zone and should allow life to return to some semblance of normal.

Common Cold Antibodies Can Trigger False Positive Test

Still, there’s more. June 30, 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention admitted that prior exposure to coronaviruses responsible for the common cold can result in a positive COVID-19 antibody test, even if you’ve never been exposed to SARS-CoV-2 specifically.23

The primary justification for the tyrannical governmental interventions of COVID-19 was to slow the spread of the infection so hospital resources would not be overwhelmed, causing people to die due to lack of medical care.

These interventions were not about stopping the spread altogether or even reducing the number of people who eventually get infected. They certainly were never…

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