Ch.28 Learning to “Spin straw into gold”

SIDEBAR ~ Why do so so few individuals learn to spin their straw into gold?

To a certain extent, each person must do this alone. Yet, few people attempt the inner work of “straw into gold.” Why?

‘Where Your Treasure Is’ (There Your Heart Shall Be)

Facilitator: “At your mythological level, the myths you resonate with, the ones which ring true for you, is where your heart belongs. Please consider this as you close your eyes and listen to this song.”

Audience reaction to the Insight approach

The audience easily engaged with these activities. This was heartening to the Writers Room. They had risked much in attempting this choice on content. Its success gave them hope about the Insight approach to learning. Maybe redeeming the four-year college liberal arts experience wasn’t impossible after all! WSC2033 gave them validation Writers were on a good path, replacing head-only activity with whole-body, whole-self participation.

The role of cooperative-collaborative techniques

The more Writers learned about all the following, the more confident they felt about re-conceiving talk-talk, head-only education into what Rudolf Steiner had intuited yet could not yet visualize:



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Bruce Dickson

Bruce Dickson

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