Ch.30 — Our story-to-date (re-cap)

More detail on each of each topic below can be found in earlier Chapters

In 2010, Atlantic magazine ran an article, “The End of Men.” “For every two men who get a college degree this year, three women do the same.”

Male Gender Collapse

Jan. 2023: New York Times #1 bestseller, Homo-Self-Destructivus. Building on economist Michael Hudson’s research; and, David Graeber’s Debt, the First 5,000 Years, DiAngelo Red Hawk, in her New York Times #1 bestseller, laid out the values of failed males, their top values:

Women rising

By 2024 Ranked Choice Voting, a less exclusionary form of voting, pioneered in Alaska, became the norm in 50% of states and cities in the US. RCV results take up to a month to count and verify.

2025 ~ BluePrint of WE

For each partner in a marriage; or, each team member, BofWE asks 30 mins of paper and pen journaling:

Monday Lunch with Experts

To uncover more up-to-now-unknown, Best Practices like BofWE, Women in Congress (WinC) began Monday Lunch with Experts. This was open to all elected members of Congress, their staff; and, anyone else who wished to learn Best Practices in various fields, male leadership had ignored, neglected and downplayed.

Cultural Creatives go mainstream

Out of these meetings, Women were led to understand the significance of Cultural Creatives. Experts informed women how CCs had been around since 1965 not only since Paul Ray’s 2001 marketing book. WinC came to understand CCs were their ideal voter and ideal office employee.

The Heads-down Generation

Women’s Summer Conference #2 was “hijacked” by Mothers against Suicide who demanded to address the “heads-down generations,” the iGen — Generation Internet (Jean Twenge, 2017), those born 1995–2012. “Social media” is not social at all. Virtual interaction “calms the safety brain” by permitting the young to avoid interpersonal conflict. This is the greatest fear the young have. The result? Declining rates of health, wellness and marriage. Mothers asked each other, “How can we redeem healthy face-to-face relating?”

Iain McGilChrist’s reframe of brain lateralization

If Iain is brand new to you, in a nutshell…

Paid Year of National Service

A Paid Year of National Service addressed uncertainty about colleges, both the rapidly declining number of liberal arts colleges; and, the rapidly declining quality and value of a four-year liberal arts education.

2029, The Year Colleges Died

Fall, 2029: liberal arts colleges teetering on collapse as a social institution; as in, virtually no liberal arts college campuses at all outside old, endowed Ivy League rich-kid campuses. This was paralleled by a sharply rising suicide rate and drop-out rate among both teens and college students.

Dare we remake colleges?

Privately, thru the whole creation process, women staff and their supporters feared re-making college could be their Waterloo. Was WinC reaching too far, too high? Go Slow members wondered if any set of professionals in Washington DC was knowledgeable enuf about college curriculums to remake colleges wholesale. Women used their self-doubts to inform them where they needed more expert input, more study and more pilot experiments.

From New Colleges project…

It took a while to find a workable format, group process and principal employees to govern the process of:

… to “Insight Experiential Colleges”

Women’s Summer Conference 2033 became a pilot program to:

Looking forward

The phase of our story we are going into next is the hiring or 100 interns to work on selling the idea of Ne Colleges, Insights Experiential Colleges to the public at large; and, t prospective communities, in five states, identified as potential sites for pilot campuses.

How things look from the year 2120

In the 2020s, you live in a time, where SpaceShip Earth is on fire, crashing and burning. After 1750 or 1850, as mainstream male-led, Western Patriarchy corrupted into abject, one-sided materialism, Earth was brought to a precipice, a planet-wide Choice Point.



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