CH.33 Insight Colleges Four Year Prospectus (Nov. 2033)

Vision statement

Make the world more wonderful, by conveying to on-going generations, the values of Team Human; and, the full array of Best Practices, in all majors, workable-sustainable, for the 99% of all crew on Spaceship Earth. Yes, we can re-make the world thru re-making colleges.

Mission statement

1) CREATE a new four year liberal arts curriculum, on five pilot campuses, highlighting Best Practices in each core subject: Sports, Communications (psychology, counseling, sociology), History; and, Philosophy of Science,

Product statement

Our primary product is our graduates. Graduates will:

New Colleges curriculum outline

Freshman Year ~ Since many freshmen have already read the Frankensteins Your Parents Made book series, in middle and high school [discussed in the HIST section when we come to it], acknowledge this pain; turn it into teachable lessons.

Other features of Experiential Insight Colleges

Philosophy of science transformed

See Goethean Holistic Science, the Three Sciences We Use Every Day (2014, 2022). Seminar discussion, writing assignments, public delivery of papers.

Not so different after all

While radical in many respects, much of the structure of our program for “awakening the inner teacher” will seem familiar to many students and parents:

Five pilot campuses to open Fall 2035

Our plan is to:



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Bruce Dickson

Bruce Dickson

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA