Ch.38 — Sorting and re-training college faculty and staff

In Chapter 38 the problem of what to do with existing faculty and administrators is faced

SCARF model of needs

Cultural Creatives vs. Regressives

Explaining the difference between Cultural Creatives and Regressives was often educational for multiple purposes.

How hard to push people to change their minds?

Q: What about changing the minds of parents of college-age students?

Learnings from Intern Boot Camp trainings

What was learned from four Boot Camp trainings applicable to re-training faculty and staff, four groups of 25 interns each? All the following learnings were applied to the teaching and re-training of adult faculty and admin staff.

Difference between teaching and simple connecting with people

In one exercise sequence, faculty were supported to discern the difference between going into “teacher mode; and, “simply connecting with people.”

SIDEBAR ~ Educare and Educere

“EducAre” means “to train or to mold.” “EducEre,” means “to lead out.”

What motivates people to look inside?

What motivates people to go beyond 100% materiality? What motivates people to expand their own Inner Game of Life?

Heartfelt as Inclusion => Control => Affection-Openness

Safety => trust => inclusion => control => openness-affection



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