Ch22 A War Room for New Colleges Project (2032)

Serializing Insight Colleges, how Women In Congress re-invented liberal arts college curriculum and teaching methods to produce graduates capable of redeeming-restoring SpaceShip Earth

Work begins

War Room principals were hired in part on their prior experience working on teams tasked with big projects. Collectively, they had five decades of teamwork experience. Before firing off mandates for others, they knew it would be an error to start without first doing their own group work. Their group work To Do list included:

Put our cards on the table

The next task was to share personal assumptions, which methods and models each believed most useful for the project at hand. This took two days and many powerpoint presentations. This was the beginning of forging common language for War Room process. Later, these same preliminaries were proposed for faculty and admin at New Colleges, to use in forming new campus admin culture.

War Room: personality preferences

In MBTI terms, the seven War Room principals were all either Diplomats or Analysts. - Most identified as Cultural Creatives.

Individual needs vs. group needs

Both Diplomats and Analyst groups agreed on the big necessity to address the conflict between the needs of the individual and the needs of the group. This was quite possibly the most central deficit of male-centric college group process and administration. Did you see the pumpkin pie image above?

Don't Want~Do Want exercise

The War Room was so impressed with Sarah Peyton's exercise, granting women permission to voice “What we do NOT want!” which then makes room for voicing, “What we DO WANT!” They wrote this up and assigned a facilitator to lead the new War Room thru the exercise.

Roll back the stranglehold of cheap pop-culture

- They did NOT want New College graduates to swallow corporate pop-culture as their main culture. Pop-culture is culture which rarely challenges viewers to think for themselves. Instead of challenging the status quo, commercial pop-culture is largely restricted to variations on “rose-colored glasses” view of earlier, happier times: nostalgia (Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are looking at you).

Replace Patriarchy with wholeness

We DON'T WANT Patriarchy as our social operating system.

Replace “markets” with Community

Before 1900, in the West and elsewhere, our social organizing hub was local community. Since about 1960, in the West, local communities become weak and inward-turning (see Neil Postman, Douglas Rushkoff). Worse, thinking about intentional community did not evolve; except, among a very few Cultural Creatives.

dg-Gal Godot © DC comics



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