Chapter 19 — The four “wives” of “Sherlock-Holmes”

Sherlock Holmes’ wife #1 — charter business corporations

Sherlock Holmes’ first marriage was after the Dark Ages, in The West’s Age of sea-going Exploration and Discovery (1450–1550). Corporations, chartered by a king, were petitioned by Progressive Protestant Belgians, Scandinavians and Portuguese, for protection from risk; and, the uncovery of more of Earth’s minerals and profitable products. Corporate charters were written and organized around profit for the king and investors. Later corporate charters only required bank loans.

Sherlock Holmes’ wife #2 — science

Sherlock-Holmes’ second wife was Natural Science. As late as the 1950s-1960s, several dozen histories of science were written. These were pro-science accounts, characterized by discussion of how the science of Galileo, Descartes, Newton inevitably led to the triumphs of cars, manufacturing industry, medicine and the Atom Bomb used for peace. By the way, the triumphal march of Science out-competed superstition, old wive’s tales and the more balanced, humanistic, whole-brained science of Goethe. This was “proven” by how Newton bested Goethe in color theory. This supposedly disproved Goethe’s whole approach to human experimenting.

  • Goethe will permit her to use qualitative measurement, which she highly prefers. One-sided feeling et al is not the endgame. The endgame is rhythmic alternation between quantitative and qualitative measuring, between intelligences on both sides of the brain.

SIDEBAR — Horizon: Zero Dawn

The life-threatening aspect of this economic landscape is powerfully and artfully depicted in the robot dinosaurs of Horizon: Zero Dawn video game (2017). Aloy, the main character, fights to rid the world of life-destroying machines.

Making K-12 into “hard” Science

In the period 1920–2005, Sherlock Holmes tried to make K-12 into a hard science.

Why five wives? Command and control

We [left hemisphere dominant people] are today, by virtue of our psycho-physical structure, more or less a world-spectator. What characterizes the state of man’s mind when engaged in scientific observation is how it is restricted to a one-eyed, color-blind approach (Lehrs 31).

Sherlock-Holmes and Mr. Hyde

Do you have any limit on what you will do for money?

Is our universe dead or living?

Gunther Wachsmuth summed up the endgame of left-brain-only, quantitative-mechanistic research:

SIDEBAR ~ Benefits of test-taking strategies

Mr. Google suggests the backlash to constant high-stakes testing in K-12 schools succeeded around 2003–2005. It’s less onerous now. What I hope is, the baby is not thrown out with the dirty bathwater here too.

Gothean psychology is more compatible for K-12

In the future, I predict K-12 will get a divorce from Team Machine Psychology and marry Goethean Holistic Psychology. K-12 will unite with the science of experiments, uncovery, documentation and application of natural, lawful Unconscious Patterns applicable, practical and workable to K-12. Classic Waldorf has uncovered perhaps up to 80% of the Unconscious Patterns pertinent to K-12 ed, far more than any other ed system.

Male intolerance-competition-territoriality disguised as Science

When K-12 ed divorces from corporate science and measurement, it goes back to being parented by all Three Orders of Science; which is, perhaps a more precise and useful concept than the more vague word, “Humanities.”

SIDEBAR ~ Two sides of Students Will Be Able To (SWBAT)

Attempts by Sherlock Holmes teacher trainers to make the delivery of curriculum content “scientific” in lesson planning can be misleading.

SWBAT could have saved a dozen Waldorf schools

Now we turn the tables: In the period 1975–1995, more vigorous and rigorous use of SWBAT could have saved a dozen Waldorf schools from closing and/or failing to grow beyond Grade Three or Grade Five.



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