Choosing the polarity of Service-to-Others

As far as metaphysics channeled from astral ETs, this is the most succinct, coherent, useful idea I’m aware of.

Ministry lifestyle in MSIA

When we think of polarity, we think of magnets. Magnets have a north or positive pole and a south or negative pole. According to the Confederation Of Planets, channeled by Carla Rueckert, sentient beings in any and every form, such as human beings, live their lives between two poles as well.

The north or positive pole is analogized to service-to-others polarity. For some, this may be more clear as ‘service to self; AND, service to others,’ flowing back and forth between these as natural and healthy for you, today.

The south or negative pole polarity is analogized to “service-to-self.” This may be more clear to some as, ‘Exclusively service to self, service to only immediate family and your small local tribe.’

Have you noticed these two behaviors in people? In your own life?

Carla continues, related to this, the Confederation has some ideas about the flow of light. They say the south pole “attracts” light via gravitation or attempted absorption. The north pole receives and radiates light once light from the south flows up to the north pole. Current human physics is so far unable to perceive or verify this. If nothing else, it’s a useful imagination of how a healthy inner child, body deva, undermind, etc, gradually renounces its unhealthy habits and begins to practice more workable, healthy habits.

According to the Confederation, sentient beings in any and every form, graduate from the physical-material up into astral realm frequencies by either path, the north or the south. The South Pole path is studied in the topics of black magic, the occult and magick. The North Pole path is studied in the New Testament and behaviors aligned with the Christ Frequency — by any and every name you wish to call it.

Carla says, “The Confederation Of Planets is a group of beings aligned with service-to-others. I am also of service-to-others. If you wish to polarize yourself with service-to-self, you shall need to look elsewhere. We’re not promoting that here. If you are interested in following the path of service to others, read on!”

She continues, the Confederation says the only path which does not lead to graduation, is not to strive for and magnify neither polarity. Others have called this the sin of indifference to the good.

Making a New Choice in your life

It’s possible to view making a New Choice, to be of greater service to your self and to others, as akin to Baptism within the Christian church. It’s possible to make your own New Choice each new day. Intention is creative. See also below, opportunity to be ordained to a ministry of service to self and to others, not to preach or teach.

Carla shares her story of choosing the path of service to others:

Begin quote

“I was lucky in my early childhood to have an unusual relationship with Jesus the Christ. He was not some mythical Sunday School figure to me but a part of the entities living in my “magic forest,” a place where I could go inside my mind as a very small child. It was a real place to me. Jesus never said a word to me in my magic forest. He would sit next to me and hold my hand. I would look into his eyes and immerse myself in His unconditional love. It was all there in his golden gaze.

In church I received information about what this man supposedly preached during his short ministry so long ago. His message is the same as the Confederation message: to love and to forgive. I have wanted to follow Him from my earliest memory. Consequently, for me, service to others has always been a joy and a privilege. Even as a toddler, I was serious and thought about ethical choices. I looked for the high road.

As I have continued aligning with service to others, I have found my life turning sweeter and deeper. The joy I feel from day to day is my subjective proof, how living by my Choice has been the key to a more abundant and fulfilling life.

End Quote

What service opportunities do we have at this time?

Spirit acknowledges your personal preference (John-Roger). One way this plays out is like this. Typically each of us gravitates to serve those we prefer to associate with. You may prefer to serve your children, to serve animals, to serve plants; or, to serve other adults in various ways (Bertrand Babinet).

As we weave our way through our daily choices and decisions, it helps to hold as broad a view of people and situations as possible. This way, we can more accurately discern where morality and ethical principles need to be applied.

We have chances to choose service to others every day. When we are on the road, if we see someone needing to enter the stream of traffic; and, we brake a bit and gesture the person in, we have put ourselves out in order to be kind to another human being. This is a service-to-others choice.

When we are in the store with a big cart full of groceries and we see someone with two items in their hands and wave them on ahead of us in line to pay, we have just put ourselves out in order to be of service to another human being. This is a positively polarized choice.

Granted, not all opportunities are so clear and obvious. In many tricky situations, it’s less obvious which choice is for the highest good of all.

The Confederation suggests the way each of us grows it primarily by deepening our own mindfulness of what is a healthy choice for me, according to my values — in this moment? In this we exercise our soul. How? Why? Because soul is choice, soul is awareness of choice. We might even say ‘soul is discernment.’

Which acts of service to your self, to your children, to plants animals and other adults are fun for you and lift you up? If you did more of this service, would the rest of your life have more joy and contentment in it?

Is one form of service better than another?

When a choice to serve others unconditionally, for the highest good of all concerned; in this, all forms of service are equal.

Earth’s traditional religions teach choosing the service-to-others path. Yet in Christianity, the symbol of a crucified savior does not inspire “to go and do likewise.” While the Christ’s example of unconditional love, to the point of death, makes an excellent symbol, His example is far beyond the realm of ordinariness the rest of us live in day to day. Our everyday actions and choices is what we deal with.

Boundaries in service-to-others

Carla says, “Where service-to-others gets tricky, is when a friend or family member shares with me a difficulty he or she is having. I am a solution-oriented person. My tendency is to go to work to solve problems. However many times friends want only a listening ear. Empathy and compassion are what is called for. When this situation arises, I listen carefully, and do not share my advice unless I hear a specific request to do so. If I am asked for my opinion, on the other hand, my service to others is to share my opinion and advice with an open heart, finding the most compassionate way to share it.”

The 26,000 year view

Carla says, channeling the Confederation, a choice to be of greater service to self and to others can be the main point of this lifetime in this density. In the evolution of mind, body and spirit, clearly we begin this life as small, helpless animals. We are then tamed and trained in the course of childhood. As we enter our teenage years, we have already made many choices, learned many workable behaviors. We are no longer so animal-like. We have become human beings; though, not necessarily ethical human beings yet.

So What? What’s so is without realizing our own deepest, innermost, truly human values, there is likely to be minimal progress made during this lifetime. In making a choice towards service to others, in continuing to employ listening, empathy and compassion, we move towards two goals. One is accelerating our own spiritual evolution. The other is preparing ourselves for the Graduation Day which comes after we take our last physical breath here.

At the end of this lifetime, would you prefer to graduate and move into a density of greater love? Or would you prefer spending another 26,000 or more years, in your future re-embodiments, in another earth-like environment, while working again the same lessons, playing the same games you play this lifetime? If it’s all the same to you, the logical choice is to graduate sooner rather than later. The key to graduating? Achieving sufficient polarity to move on.

For those interested in choosing service

Like many churches, the church of the Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA), ordains ministers. Ministers are NOT ordained to preach nor teach. They are only ordained to be of greater service to themselves and to others. Perhaps other churches do this too. If you you hear of any others, let me know. To learn more —


1) Pages 59–67 of Living the Law of One 101: The Choice (2009) by Carla L. Rueckert L/L Research Louisville, Kentucky —

2) “The Choice, Caring or Selfish”



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