Dr. Carey Reams awarded 2052 Nobel Prize for medicine

Bruce Dickson
5 min readOct 8, 2021
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What is Dr. Reams’ significance for 2122?

Ten years after the start of the first USBA clinic in Owerri, Nigeria, the Swiss Nobel Committee granted Dr. Reams a posthumous Nobel Prize for medicine.

Here is the Committee’s reasons for the award:
Dr. Reams’ is honored for his several contributions to world health.
First, for actively demonstrating his method and his mission, over his active years, “to heal the sick,” despite severe persecution. The endgame of biomarker analysis is optimizing liver functions and cell regeneration — not naming diseases, not to patent drugs to combat isolated symptoms.

Next, in 2042, for the demonstration by his students, in Owerri, Nigeria, at the clinic they set up and operated. It still remains open to the public today.
The Nobel Committee credits Dr. Reams with major contributions to taking the guesswork out of mainstream healthcare. Doctoring as diagnosing pathology — by any theory — is fading.

Why? Diagnosing is a mental approach to health, naming diseases so men can gain power over them. Diagnosing led only to guessing: which drug, surgery or intervention, moderates or extinguishes symptoms of the named disease?
Doctoring based on diagnosing, was a mental “fitting game.” It cared little for perceiving which minerals our liver needed to make the products, living cells need to build new cells. Diagnosing cared little for simple, low-cost biomarkers, telling us which minerals are needed to move the body into its healing range.

Since 2050, all doctoring based on diagnosing is fading. Without reliable biomarkers establishing how balanced or unbalanced our mineral body is, over-promising of results was inevitable. In too many cases, it was followed by inevitable disappointments.

What is replacing doctoring based on guessing? Testing and analysis, person by person, to create a foundation for each person’s biochemistry, their internal Living Waters and mineral body.

Once baseline biochemistry is known, the right foods and drink, for the right person, at the right time, is more obvious. In this way Dr. Reams took more guesswork out of healthcare than perhaps any other practitioner — ever.
Dr. Reams’ method enables perceiving how balanced or UNbalanced a client’s biology is FIRST. This is the dog. Naming a disease is only the tail of the dog. Why guess when you can know, if this mineral, this drug, this supplement, this herb, this intervention, improves your patient’s internal “fish bowl”?

Because Dr. Reams’ method substantially reduced — if not eliminated — the need for guesswork in human healthcare, more and more health modes and specialists, across all health fields, are adopting his method as part of new patient intake. USBA testing is so easy, cheap and reliable, the effectiveness of every healthcare mode is enhanced by including it.

Finally, we believe, in the future, Dr. Reams will be given the major credit for replacing the Germ Theory of Pathology with a better story of healthcare. How the internal “fish tank,” the internal liquid-fluid terrain of each pateint, can be balanced. The cleaner our internal fish tank water is, the happier all our cells and organs are.

The Committee credits Dr. Reams with major contributions to why blaming germs-microbes-viruses for all our ills, is slowly fading away. Health conceived as resisting and attacking germs, is being replaced with healthcare practitioners educating each person to monitor the condition of their lymph, to keep it within Nature’s Plan for optimal function.

We credit Dr. Reams for having the largest fraction of impact on the decline of the germ theory of pathology. We credit him for the rising interest in “Nature’s Health Plan,” each person caring for their own internal Living Waters, supported by biomarker testing and interpreting, as desired and useful.

The prize money was accepted and used to do all the legal-governmental work to found and accredit the first USBA Healthcare College in the US.
After Reams’ Nobel award, it was more common to see quotes like the below in mainstream media:

Why Germ Theory was abandoned in 24 words:

Walking in the wood, we rarely look at a dead animal with maggots in it and say, “Too bad, the maggots killed another animal” ~ Barre Lando, MD.
“Germs seek their natural habitat — diseased tissue — rather than being the cause of diseased tissue”~ Antoine Béchamp
Attracting Nature’s Decomposers: “If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving germs seek their natural habitat — diseased tissue — rather than being the cause of dead tissue. In other words, mosquitoes seek the stagnant water; they do not cause the pool to become stagnant” ~ Dr. Rudolph Virchow, the Father of Modern Pathology
The symptoms of the flu or pneumonia — fever, chills, cough, and excess mucus production — are actually secondary illnesses; the first “illness” was loss of health in underlying tissues — Biological Terrain — Aperture Energetics — physicaenergetics.ca

The Nobel Committee was too polite to mention this, how a good fraction of authors and journalists put the above case more strongly, more roughly:

“After WWII, the false hope, over-promised by male “experts” and TV ads was, if you are unwell, a drug or vaccine will excuse you from the consequences of allowing, promoting and creating your own ill health. Such over-promising was always delusional, magical thinking. Such magical thinking has its place mainly with children; and, adults who think like children” — Neil Down and Gordon Zola in Rise and Fall of the Holy Medicine Establishment, 1850–2050

What is Nature’s Plan? If cells are sub-standard, below Nature’s Plan for optimal wellness, giving off faint signs of fermentation or decomposition, the Decomposers come to recycle. No drug or doctor can excuse you from Nature’s Plan. All they can do is delay the consequences of uneducated management of the physical body.
From 7000 Years Of Failed Patriarchy; How Earth Almost Crashed and Burned (2065) by Marsha Time and Lois Rung