How to fix American politics in about 100 words, Steven Olikara, Millennial Action Project

Thanks to John Nichols for bringing this to my attention

Bruce Dickson
1 min readMay 5, 2022

Olikara wants to institute nonpartisan open primaries and ranked-choice voting. His proposal, similar to one that has been implemented in Alaska for the 2022 midterm elections, would allow all candidates for an office to run in an initial primary. The top five primary finishers would then compete in a general election where voters could rank their choices from one to five. Votes cast for candidates who end up out of the running would then be redistributed to more viable contenders until, ultimately, a candidate passes the 50% mark. This system assures that voters do not have to pick “the lesser of two evils” and rewards contenders who attain broad support.


We share Olikara’s view that: “Our voting system nationwide is a constant reminder of how broken the Business Model of Politics really is. The primary electoral system disproportionately empowers each party’s most extreme voices while punishing those who seek common sense solutions.”​