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Bruce Dickson
4 min readSep 2, 2018


Why Progressive-Green-holistic orgs fail, CAN’T be understood out of context with “why relationships fail” generally.

Why? The people aspects of groups, the Emotional Intelligence (EQ) parts, the lack of interpersonal competency and teamwork is the only frontier left to explore in “employee development” and “creativity training.”

How few people have training in this, how few colleges and universities have courses in this, simply makes the hunger deeper and the need for spreading Best Practices more acute.

You will know if this book is worth reading further by your response to this question:
Do I care how ALL the following fail for roughly the same group of reasons?
- relationships, couples, marriages,
- interest groups, civic orgs,
- higher regional orgs, political parties,
- neighborhoods, communities, city, Tribe.
If you are interested in how ALL these fail for extremely similar reasons:, read on.
If not interested, put the book down or give it away.

I ask this question early because there is no way to attract and engage more Cultural Creatives in your group-org-biz unless you are interested in increasing relationship-connection-interaction in your group.

All Cultural Creatives, perhaps all Team Humans, are intrigued by Reginald Denny’s question. After the 1991 South Los Angeles riot, he asked: “Why can’t we all get along?”
This is a question CCs and THs can and do explore.

Superficial discussion of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a good start. You simply cannot stop at liking EQ. You have to go deeper, go beyond books and all text-based learning to healthy, live, local events. Before this — it’s all talk.

After a successful event, you have DEMONSTRATED, and hopefully documented in several media, how your group, biz, org BENEFITS people, your ideal customer and Earth in general.

All the Best Practices for healthy, live, local events are scattered around us. Local assembly is required. This book tries to pull many of these together, some Best Practices spread out over a wide landscape and across 100 years.

What does “going deeper” look like? It’s you, or someone in your org, or a committee, taking responsibility for designing, laying out, hosting, leading, documenting healthy, live, local events aligned with your org’s Vision, Mission and Products.

What you will be able to do after reading this book
- Know if you are talking down to the best and brightest in your org and among prospects.
- Know where to go to get support to change your ways so your best and brightest will listen you — and learn from you.

- Know where to find rhetoric, tools and experiments in facilitating live group process, a room of people, in your org. To what end? So they can learn about themselves, learn about each other and to connect more deeply, at rate and depths of their own choosing.

This companion volume to Heartfelt Facilitating Group Leader Handbook is more the:
- WHY the health of group process in your org is worth attending to,
- HOW healthy group process and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) go hand in hand,
- WHY the shift of progressive consumer values since 1972 requires a shift in progressive leadership tactics and strategies,
- HOW to talk about healthy group process so other types will listen,
- WHY to become a People Magnet yourself by leading live, FUN, interactive exercises in your Team Human org.
The HOWs, the details of leading such groups is in Heartfelt Facilitating Group Leader Handbook.
Find here lists and links to scripts and group-process sequences to elicit individual and group values in FUN, social, interactive manners
Why do this? To compete with the Internet and with your own presence online, you MUST offer benefits your ideal audience cannot get online. Period.
Local people can not get the benefit of fun, live, local group process anywhere easily in 2018 and virtually nowhere for low-cost or free. Do I hear the word “opportunity”?
After customer needs are more satisfied, they will listen to what Progressive topic(s) inspire you. Get it?
What have you got to lose?
Progressive leaders-organizers do not realize when they use expired learning-group-formats, their ideal customers, the Cultural Creatives, feel talked-down-to. For Progressive leaders​ ​to​ evolve​, they ​have to ​stop teaching, stop making speeches and start facilitating fun, healthy, live group process.
If you do, Cultural Creatives, will listen — and engage.

Q: What if men are waiting for the women to show them how to connect with each other without inevitably competing?
A: I think this holds truth.

What should have happened

A shift in the values of Progressive Audiences values in 1972 should have triggered a shift in tactics by Progressive Team Human leadership. Based on a lifetime of observations, this happened hardly at all. Maybe this booklet can help. The group process errors of Progressive leaders-organizers are detailed here. More workable new behaviors are outlined.

The “how to” pieces are in companion volume Heartfelt Facilitating Group Leader Handbook.



Bruce Dickson

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