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Nov. 27, 2023

To all holistic practitioners, friends and clients,

100 years from now, “Nature is my Friend” healthcare will replace “Nature is our Enemy” allopathic medicine.

Towards this endgame, below is an email I’ve been sending to friends involved in urine-saliva biomarker testing-analysis (RBTI of Dr. Carey Reams). Metabolic Typing is another way forward into the coming “Nature is my Friend” healthcare.

RBTI [and Naturopathy] is powerful because it identifies and harnesses valid invisible metabolic patterns. In 50 years of RBTI, it has yet to find a way forward to thrive and expand.

Dr. Reams was not the only person uncovering invisible metabolic patterns. Metabolic Typing as it exists in 2023 converges the patterns uncovered by another dozen doctors and dentists. How can all these findings and research come together? Easy, the big picture of “Nature is my Friend” healthcare is:

- Identify a client’s most efficient, and least efficient, metabolic functions,

- Educate the client how their least efficient metabolic functions are their natural “Achilles Heel,”

- Finally prescribe foods, supplements and lifestyle to moderate their hyper functions; and, stimulate their hypo functions.

As this is the likely trend, in 30–50 years, I can imagine RBTI converging with MetType. Both will be stronger for it.

In this way, the future of RBTI [and perhaps Naturopathy as well] may be Metabolic Typing.

I believe the early 2020s are a good time for more holistic-inclined people to explore, evaluate and experiment with Metabolic Typing. Unless this is already your issue, stay away from treating cancer topics.

Since 2019 I’ve gone much deeper into urine-saliva biomarker testing-analysis (RBTI). RBTI is a big step away from Nature-is-the-enemy medicine and toward Nature-is-my-Friend healthcare. RBTI is ahead of conventional and most holistic Functional Medicine. Why? All our cells and organs must live in our lymph (extracellular, interstitial fluid). If you better your lymph biochem, you improve conditions for all your cells and organs.

RBTI starts with non-invasively measuring seven dimensions of lymph biochem. It compares your numbers to known optimal numbers for lymph biochemistry, courtesy of Dr. Carey Reams. Then it retests daily to see which foods supplements improve your numbers against optimal numbers.

So far most Functional Medicine practs avoid such radical (at the root) metabolic biomarkers. Most FM practitioners practice “green allopathy,” trial and error with herbs and vitamins, instead of drugs and surgery.

RBTI was innovated in the 1930s, the same time as Emanuel Revici innovations. I regard both Drs. Reams and Revici as the beginning of modern Metabolic Typing. RBTI is both very analytical and very artistic. To succeed, it requires ability to look at numbers (analysis); and, to internally make the numbers into pictures. Few can do this. I believe to learn how, takes five or more years of full time clinical practice with clients. It may be Metabolic Typing (MT) is a more accessible method for practicing Nature-is-my-Friend healthcare. Why? Its bread and butter is first identifying a client’s most efficient, and least efficient, metabolic functions. Your least efficient metabolic functions are your natural “Achilles Heel.” Then MetType prescribes foods and supplements to moderate your hyper functions; and, stimulate your hypo functions.

MetType also has the advantage of arising in large part from 1940–1950s medical research (Watson and Gellhorn) into how metabolic dysfunction translates into psychological personality patterns and pathology.

In this way, MT is not New Age woo-woo. It’s human biochemistry correlated with diet and personality patterns. It won’t be for everyone. It is for anyone who has a stubborn physical health issue. The cancer question The history of success in treating cancers with MT goes back to the 1930s. However the greatest negativity around MT is 100% due to promoting itself as a cancer treatment. Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was the face of MT until 2015 when he died. An autopsy was unable to determine any clear cause of death. 2015 was one of the peaks of the Dead Doctor assassinations. For this reason, I encourage practitioners to avoid cancer patients if possible. Instead focus on your method and MT for any and every other condition. As someone said, the more effective your holistic methods are for reversing cancer, the more you are painting a target on your back for the AMA to shoot at.

After Revici and Reams faded into public obscurity, William Donald Kelley, DDS (1905–2005) in the 1970s was the start of modern MT. Kelley’s two most significant students were William Wolcott and Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez. Gonzalez’s protocol lives on at However it’s primarily focussed on treating cancer. William Wolcott is still alive. He took down his MT training course; says he is upgrading it to put it up again.

Q: Can MT be briefly summarized?

A: I’ve read several one-page summaries of MT. I find none of them very helpful for either clients nor for practitioners new to MT. Why? In one page, impossible to summarize 100 years of evolving scientific basic research and data collected from clinical experiments. MT basic research is literally about:

- Identifying metabolic patterns within metabolic function,

- Innovating least invasive tests to determine which functions are hyper and hypo in an individual; then

- Prescribing diet and natural remedies. MT is not in the realm of New Age healers and coaches. MT lies wholly in the field of the Analysts, the Architect, the Logician, the Debater and the Commander — https://www.16personalities. The good news is the whole of MT is effectively summarized in the first 35 pages of Nutrition Solution: A Guide to Your Metabolic Type (2002) by Harold J. Kristal. Used copies start at $4.00 here (but check for condition of book): https://www.allbookstores.

Also Dr. Schenker’s book, Analytical Nutrition, is now mostly online and updated here.

Q: Do you recommend other MT books?

A: The videos are better introductions, see below.

MetType literature in a nutshell

All MT books are primarily for practitioners, not for the general public. The most famous MT book is William Wolcott’s popular book, Metabolic Typing Diet (2000). Except for the very useful, clear appendices, as a place to start, I do not recommend it. It’s a good reference book but wanted to be a general audience diet book bestseller and failed at this. William Rasmussen’s 2011 MT book, Metabolic Imbalances, pH and Ayurveda is more open-minded beyond allopathic medicine. It and Nutrition Solution is where I recommend women and holistically-inclined learners start.

Best Metabolic Typing explainer videos and interviews

Nicholas J. Gonzalez MD videos ~ Three sources of the same content, shorter ones excerpted from longest one here:

“Different Diets for Different Types — 3 Hour Lecture by Nicholas J. Gonzalez MD” The last hour is technical case studies. You can skip this. One hour version: “Nicholas Gonzalez MD Final Interview” [one hour] More excerpts, a page of videos: https://thegonzalezprotocol. Example: Autonomic Nervous System 101 Video

Q: How do I assess my own metabolic type? A: MT is not a typical self-help topic. This is analytical biochemistry assessment and treatment. You have to decide your own level of interest in learning-mastering analytical neurology and biochemistry. Basically you will work with your existing healthcare professional; or, you will find professionals trained in MT. The three main assessment protocols are: 1) Blood draws or pin-prick blood samples to measure blood pH accurately; and

2) Hair Test Mineral Analysis (HTMA) by Paul Eck’s lab, Analytical Research Lab

3). Breaths per minute and breath-hold time challenge HERE.

Urine-saliva testing should be on this list; yet, basic research remains too chaotic and has yet to acknowledge Dr. Reams’ protocol; or, to improve on it. Contact me if you have interest in this research problem.

Of these methods, breath is the simplest; and, mineral analysis thru hair test provides the most useful information useful for MT. ARL does not sell tests directly to the public. You have to work thru your existing healthcare professional. If that doesn’t work, I found two practs who will send test results and a short consult for $100. More choices HERE.

Separately I’ve compiled videos and online articles on the debate over best hair analysis lab. Okay to ask me for this. Okay to share this email and my contact info.


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