Michael Hayes on Rome’s choice point repeating again in US history

Bruce Dickson
4 min readAug 4, 2020

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Michael Hayes ~ To have greater ability to deal with uncertain times we are in, it can be useful to look from a higher vantage point.
When we look at karmic cycles we can examine them from two perspectives.

1 The choices and actions of the past left great imbalances. So the karmic situation must be revisited to bring forward necessary balancing …

2 The other way to understand karmic cycles is lessons which could have been learned in earthly existence, were not learned; so, they repeat to give those who are connected to the lessons another chance to choose and act in wiser and more effective ways. This article looks at karma from the perspective of lessons to be learned.

A key cycle playing out now is connected to the Roman Empire.

From many small city states of ancient Italy, the city of Rome emerged to become a world power specifically because of their governmental system. The same could be said for the United States.

The governmental form of the United States is a copy of the republic ROME devised. The founding fathers of America had great admiration for this system.

The first half of the history of ROME and its rise to be the dominant civilization in the world can be seen as lasting roughly 500 years. This was the time of ROME operating as a Republic.

The second 500 or so years was the time of ROME operating as a dictatorship: The time of the Caesars.

The shift for Rome came about with Julius Caesar taking power. After he was killed, his nephew Octavian, also called Augustus, rose to and consolidated power and ruled for 41 years. Caesars ruled in Rome for 501 years until ROME was finally ended as a power almost 500 years later.

The shift to Caesars (dictators) came about when the executive branch of Roman government (their Consuls, our President) set up to execute the will of the Roman Senate (their legislature, our Congress), took on autocratic power.

The government functions were reversed where their legislative branch became responsible for carrying out the will of…