Micro-voltage equates with pH ~ Dr. Jerry Tennant

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Micro-voltage equates with pH ~ Dr. Jerry Tennant

Your body runs on bio-electricity. Cells are designed to run in an environment of -20 to -25 millivolts. To repair and heal in a defined area, cells need an environment of -50 millivolts

Inadequate micro-voltage is a characteristic of all chronic disease. Either you lack the necessary micro-voltage to run the cells; or, you lack the higher micro-voltage needed to make new cells

On the supply side, to heal you need:

- proper micro-voltage,

- all necessary raw material ions and nutrients required to make new cells.

On the waste removal-detox side, you need:

- timely removal of new toxins which can damage cells, and

- timely removal of waste metabolic products so they don’t get stored -

Dr. Mercola summary of Tennant’s ideas in interview, text version, adapted.

With Dr. Tennant, we again have a similar accessability barrier for readers as with Dr. Reams. Both are so advanced beyond conventional medical science, almost no one at all was qualified during their lifetimes to constructively critique their findings and successes. Only a handful of students could replicate their successes.

The good news is like Dr. Reams, Dr. Tennant achieved amazing cures with his patients, tho not in the thousands like Reams. Also good is how Reams and Tennant appear to substantially agree.

Put the Power of pH To Work for You

Because the human body is 75% water, solutions are always in play in our bodies. In fact, much of the transfer of voltage occurs ionically and via fluids. It is important to realize how fluid solutions can either carry additional electrons, making them electron donors, or remove electrons, making them electron stealers. Remember, electrons are necessary for cells to perform their work. Removing electrons is counterproductive.

In fact, free radicals are molecules who are missing electrons and looking to steal them from other molecules. This makes them unstable and dangerous. Free radicals create cellular chaos leading to a vast array of problems.

On the other hand, antioxidants are electron donors. That’s why antioxidant foods are so important for good health. When a mother tells her children to eat their broccoli, she is telling them to consume antioxidants or electron donors.

We can learn whether a solution is an electron donor or an electron stealer by measuring its pH.

If a solution is alkaline, it is an electron donor. If it is acidic, it is an electron


The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a solution is. It ranges from 0 to 14, with 7 considered neutral. [For human use, the more useful pH scale is 4.5 to 7.5] As you move down the scale from 7, you get a solution which is increasingly acidic (6 is acidic, 5 is ten times more acidic, etc.). Moving up the scale from 8 to 14 represents increasing alkalinity (8 is alkaline, 9 is more alkaline than 8, etc).

Science has long known, healthy people have a slightly alkaline blood pH. The human body operates best when blood pH is approximately 7.2 to 7.35 [7.35? to 7.45?] . Chronic disease and pain are almost always associated with a too-acidic [interstitial-lymph-fluid] pH.

Milli-voltage as pH analogue

In addition to the pH scale, voltage also refers to pH. The scale here ranges from –400 to +400 millivolts, with 0 in the middle.

Moving down the scale from 0, into the negative range, indicates increasing levels of health. Moving up the scale, into the positive range, indicates increasing dysfunction.

Cells are designed to run in an environment of -25 millivolts (mV). Average healthy adults normally measure –20 mV of energy, which translates to a pH of 7.35. Children, young adults, and athletes commonly run closer to -30 millivolts. …

A solution which is neither an electron donor, nor an electron stealer is called a pH of seven.

With this understanding, one can see a pH of 7.35 is the same as a voltage of –20 mV. A pH of 7.45 is the same as a voltage of –25 mV. Thus, we see how all cellular biology texts tell us cells are designed to run between –20 and –25 mV of electron donor status!” …

–50 mV for making new cells

When a cell needs to heal itself, it must get to -50 millivolts so [the damage site] has enough voltage to heal. After healing is complete, it returns to the operating voltage of -20 millivolts. … Thus, we have to increase voltage (electrons, energy, chi, prana — whatever you wish to call it) to make cells [at the damage site] to keep the body repaired.” …

I once hit my thumb with a hammer. My thumb goes down towards -50 mV. At –50 mV, blood vessels dilate and dump raw materials such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and others into the neighborhood. I need these raw materials to build new cells. I also need –50 mV to have the energy to turn these raw materials into new cells. As soon as I finish making enough cells to replace those I damaged with the hammer, my thumb goes back to –25 mV. It is normal, and I am happy.

It becomes obvious chronic disease is always associated with a loss of voltage. To correct chronic disease, you must insert enough electrons to push the cells back up to the healing voltage of -50 mV. You must also have enough raw materials (nutrition) to make new cells. Nutrition without voltage does not work. Voltage without nutrition does not work. You must have both! …

Problems resulting from continued drops in voltage include chronic pain, a decrease in oxygen levels, and infections. …

Mash-up of quotes from: Tennant, Jerry. Healing is Voltage: Acupuncture Muscle Batteries: An Atlas (2015).

Future of Reams-Tennant discussion

The task of usefully reconciling Dr. Reams’ and Dr. Tennant’s theories and

methods has been given to the Alt-Physics-Biology Seminar group, discussed In Chapter 18.

Dr. Tennant: Structured water as energy system

… A fifth system holding and delivering energy is structured water — negatively charged water found in your cells and extracellular tissues.

Typical tap water is H2O. Structured water is a fourth phase, actually H3O2.

It’s more viscous, more ordered and more alkaline than regular water. The refractive index (optical property) of this water is about 10 percent higher than ordinary water. Its density is also about 10 percent higher [gel-like] and, as mentioned, it has a negative charge (negative electrical potential).

This may explain why human cells are negatively charged. Tennant does not go into structured water here, yet it’s a whole additional component playing an important role in health and disease.

In summary, the way you recharge this structured water is through sunlight. Sun exposure structures the water in your body, which provides greater energy. To learn more about this, please review “Water Supports Health in Ways You May Never Have Suspected” — https://www.organicconsumers.org/news/water-supports-health-ways-you-may-never-have-suspected

“Super Fuel: How Body Voltage Dictates Health and Disease” (2017) Mercola interviews Tennant — https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/09/17/body-voltage-dictates-health-and-disease.aspx

Audio version of this interview is here: http://hwcdn.libsyn.com/p/f/3/d/f3d8f5fd4950b2f2/9-17_Dr._Mercola_Interviews_Jerry_Tennant.mp3?c_id=17135151&cs_id=17135151&destination_id=574508&expiration=1561347701&hwt=f7cff00cd4bdd318c56f99cf9b2212a4

Phase angle measures cell hydration

Excerpts from “Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Zach Bush about Hydration” (2018) citation below.

Why do we suspect steam-distilled water offers the most benefits [for persons with both high Brix and high Salts numbers]? This water is more avid to absorb electrolytes it can get its hands on, right? Distilled water grabs any charged particle out of its environment. It’s a potent sponge for things the body wishes to release.

We believe distilled water must create an osmotic gradient across the cell membrane. This pulls unwanted ions out of the cell.

Even if you’re dehydrated and your electrical potential, your phase angle is so low you can’t get water in, the distilled water, by sitting outside the membrane, can now create an osmotic gradient.

Mercola (who previously interviewed Tennant): I began to realize pH is another name for voltage in a liquid. If you think about the voltage running electric lights or a computer, it’s called conductive electricity. This means electrons are moving along copper wires. In a liquid, you have a different situation. A liquid can either be an electron donor or an electron stealer.

By convention, if the liquid … is an electron stealer, you put a plus sign in front of the voltage. If it’s an electron donor, you put a minus sign in front of it. You take a sophisticated volt meter called a pH meter and put it in the liquid. It will actually read out in voltage; minus 400 millivolts of electron donor is the same thing as pH of 14. Plus 400 millivolts of electron stealer is the same as a pH of zero. Of course, if it’s neutral, it’s a pH of 7.”

Healing Requires Double the Voltage

A pH meter can give you a reading of either pH or millivolts. It’s actually easier to understand what’s going on if you use millivolts. A pH of 7.35 equates to -20 millivolts of electron donor. A pH of 7.45 is -25 millivolts of electron donor. Cells are designed to run in an environment of -20 to -25 millivolts.

People get confused because if you measure across a cell membrane you get about minus 90 millivolts. The environment of living human tissues, is designed to be -20 to -25 millivolts.

“That was a critical piece of my understanding to begin to understand how to get myself well,” Tennant says (who, by the way, turned 77 this past June and still enjoys healthy mental faculties and goes to work every day). To repair and heal, on the other hand, cells need an environment of -50 millivolts. In other words, you need double the normal voltage to repair or replace damaged cells.

“Dr. Hiroki Nakatani in Japan was the first person to use modern electronics to measure acupuncture meridians. He published his work in 1951. Dr. Reinhard Voll in Germany did similar work and published it in 1952. I was able to get Nakatani’s rather rudimentary device (an ohmmeter) and found my brain was running somewhere between 2 and 4 millivolts, instead of the 25 that it needed to run and the 50 it needed to repair.

Now, it was obvious why my brain didn’t work,” he says. “It didn’t have enough voltage to work correctly. This is what started me on the journey of trying to figure out how to get things to work again.”

What does phase angle evaluation look like? We attach electrodes to your hand and foot. We use a bio-impedance analyzer to determine your phase angle. This measures the conductance, capacitance, and resistance at the cellular level. It also gives information regarding your body composition (fat, muscle, BMI, bone mineral content, total body water, intracellular and extracellular water).

Q: How long does it take for improvement to my phase angle to be detectable?

A: It takes about 6–9 months for significant changes to be detectable.

“Phase Angle and Hydration” — https://www.nbwellness.com/library/phase-angle-and-hydration/

Why so many contrary views of water?

Three topics, live water, live blood and live lymph — were among the last topics to be resolved more fully in scientific literature. Why? They are each, in their own way, doorways to the topic of our etheric body, understanding its manifold character. The human etheric body is our capacity for ambiguity, multi-tasking and how our immune system self manages multiple frequencies.

Further discussion of out etheric body is beyond our scope here. See Man or Matter (1985 preferred) by Lehrs, Etheric Formative Forces by Wachsmuth, et al, 2nd edition (2090) and Befriending Your Immune System Self by Turner Luce (2083).


“Distilled Water” (2011) by Dr. Seidlecki — https://issuu.com/ayzik9/docs/why_distilled_water_new_rd1 — This appears to be where Beddoe got his Vincent citation and several other pieces of copy. Seidlecki also quotes Beddoe’s book.