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The following is meant to supplement, not replace or substitute for existing RBTI literature.

Aside from water and fluids, our bodies are made up of minerals. Therefore, after water, minerals are the most important support we can give our bodies. … Our body needs 84 different minerals to remain healthy. Three of them make up 96% of our mineral needs — 60% are the calciums from the six major groups of calcium, 24% are phosphate, 12% potassium, and the remaining 4% make up the remaining 81 minerals — “The Dr. Carey A. Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)” (2013) brochure by Bob Hedges


Dr. Reams spent years and years conducting classes in human health. Most of his students emerged with a decent knowledge of his calcium, calcium, calcium, and more calcium message. However since about 1985, the benefits of calcium are taught little if at all — Beddoe https://rbtiworld.com/2012/the-perfect-detoxification/

WHY did our Mineral Body become our most neglected body?

After WWII, in the 1950s, except for small handfuls of health nuts, minerals were taken for granted. Fresh and canned produce had enuf minerals so minerals deficiencies were more rare than now. If mineral deficiencies were present, they could only be identified by blood tests, which were expensive, not consistent between labs; and, took time.

By the 1980s, mineral tablets and capsules were available to anyone looking for them. By 1990 calcium and magnesium supplements were so common and cheap, vitamin makers made little money on them. Inspired in large part by the success of Life Extension (1982) entrepreneurs, the whole vitamin-supplement market swung towards “boutique” vitamins and supplements with profit margins several times that of older vitamin formulas.

What happened to calcium, the most significant macro-mineral for human bodies? Calcium receded into the background; it was BORING (unprofitable).

Fortunately Dr. Carey Reams had made a strong and enduring case for the significance and value of six families of calcium compounds needed for optimal human health. Little known, little acknowledged in his time, his devoted students carried this wisdom legacy forward.

Not until about 2058 were calciums again honored in the healthcare mainstream. This was due to two reasons:

- Women replacing men in healthcare professions; and,

- The rise of USBA testing across multiple and diverse medical specialties. “Going by the numbers” seemed to benefit each and every medical speciality employed R7 testing and its recommendations.

While balancing the pHs is not always the first intervention, pHs of 6.4 are always eventually addressed in any patron of Dr. Reams’ method and system. Identifying which calciums an individual is lacking, supplying these — when the program is followed — inevitably balances the pHs.

Women and calcium

Beddoe: Women of child-bearing age use seven times more calciums a day than men. Women of childbearing age need seven times (700%) more calcium-than men. Why? Women are the communicators. This is true internally in their biology too!

For all women of child-bearing age, we advise taking some kind of calcium supplement, three or more times a week, according to their pH.

Women lacking calcium can be nervous, uptight, and may cry easily. Men lacking calcium can be tired and irritable. This is why adequate-sufficient calciums for each person facilitates harmony in marriages

A woman can go into menopause anytime her calciums are too low ~ Challen p.177 #83.

Cells communicate with each other by calcium ions

At the cell and molecular level, the Calcium ion is what our cells use to communicate with each other.

Calcium [is] the third most abundant metal in nature. … The basic principles of calcium regulation were already present in prokaryotes and protists …

Calcium carries messages to virtually all important functions of cells. Calcium was already active in unicellular organisms. Its role became universally important after the transition to multicellular life.

[How did] calcium end up in this privileged position in biology? Most likely its unique coordination chemistry was a decisive factor. It makes its binding by complex molecules particularly easy; even, in the presence of large excesses of other cations, e.g. magnesium.

Its free concentration within cells can thus be maintained at the very low levels demanded by the signalling function.

Also a large cadre of proteins has evolved to bind or transport calcium. … The advantage of calcium is its peculiar coordination chemistry. …

“Why Calcium? How Calcium Became the Best Communicator” (2016) by Ernesto Carafoli et al — Open AccessDOI:https://doi.org/10.1074/jbc.R116.735894 — https://www.jbc.org/article/S0021-9258(20)35866-X/fulltext

Readers with a biochem background will know the topic starts with what calcium ions (Ca2+) are doing — then gets abysmally technical-mathematical-abstract therafter.

In his lifetime, Dr. Reams did not promote an “experiential” understanding of calcium. However just this approach grew rapidly after 2050 as “body awareness;” and, “body as biofeedback instrument” became popular experiential workshop topics for women and healthcare professionals. This echoed a long history of women connecting with their bodies, first publicized in Our Bodies, Our Selves (1970).

With its emphasis on the body as biofeedback insrument; and, its emphasis on “follow the numbers” of R7 arrays, USBA ala Reams was well-positioned for this new wave of interest. By 2080-except in biochem research firms — the male-oreinted technical-mathematical-abstract approach to calcium and biochemistry receded in academia, all the way down to high school.

Calciums, our crucial macro-mineral

Reams delineated close to 250,000 calcium compounds. Hence his preference for the term “calciums” plural. For beginners, these come down to calciums which raise your pH or lower your pH. Only one form of calcium needs to be lacking to cause an unbalanced set of numbers — Beddoe

Our bodies use more calciums than any other element by volume and by weight. All biological life does. There is no exception to this. Throughout all Nature, all living plants, all living animals, all human beings, use more calcium than any other element — Revised for clarity from Reams in “RBTI Class — Session 1–1975” PDF

Elemental metal calcium and calcium oxide as lime, are highly reactive and dangerous to biological life. Therefore life constantly seeks its calciums in the form of compounds.

USBA Freshman attend a all day seminar on relevant calciums compound topics. The six major calciums are gone into (in no particular order):

- calcium phosphate,

- calcium oxide (biocompatible calcium hydroxide),

- calcium-magnesium (in dolomite),

- calcium gluconate,

- calcium lactate, and

- calcium carbonate.

Dr. Reams organized all his calciums into these major categories. Bring your calcium questions to this class.

To Learn More

“Calcium signalling” (2007) by David Clapham https://www.cell.com/fulltext/S0092-8674(07)01531-0


When challenged with class questions about the difficulty of obtaining the proper calciums with vitamin and mineral supplements alone, Reams urged his students to seek, in the kitchen and at the dining table, greater food variety — excerpted from Beddoe https://rbtiworld.com/2012/the-perfect-detoxification/

How much calcium do I need?

How much calcium you need depends on your gender, your age; and, whether you are pregnant or breast feeding.

Group Mg Calcium Per Day

1–3 years 500mg

4–8 years 800mg

9–18 years 1,300mg

19–50 years 1,000mg

51+ years 1,200mg


Our body can absorb-assimilate 500–800mg of Ca per meal

Please keep in mind our body can only absorb 500–800mg of Ca per meal. If you are catching up on a Ca deficiency, and wish to take more than 800mg a day, do divide doses between meals. Dr. Reams suggested taking minerals with meals; take vitamins apart from meals.

If a person’s pH is more acid than 6 or 6.2…

If a person’s pH is more acid than 6 or 6.2, they need alakline bio-compatible calcium hydroxide, Cal-II and Lime Water — Beddoe and Challen

The liver holds onto its acid wastes until it can neutralize them. Once neutralized they are swafe to release for excretion. To neutralize the most acid wastes, the liver needs the most alkaline calcium. This is the value of highly alkaline bio-compatible calcium hydroxide ala Reams.

This is also why when both urine-saliva are more acid than 6.0 or 6.2, the more neutral calciums — no matter how much your take — cannot bring such a person towards 6.40. The most alkaline calcium is needed to neutralize the most acid wastes. This appears to be part of Nature’s Health Plan.

Cal-II is available as capsules. Lime Water is available as liquid: https://dailymfg.com/cal-ii-reams-formula-100/


Acid rain effects on farm soil

Reams’ soil consulting days were approximately 1910–1975. In this period, his “calcium, calcium, calcium” emphasis worked rather well. Then what happened?. Acid rain.

… Yes, acid rain is still around; yes it’s still a problem. Hydrogen ions in the acid rain replace nutrients in the soil like calcium and magnesium, which are vital for plant growth.

Rain is already slightly acidic, since it picks up carbon dioxide in the air, producing carbonic acid. When it starts absorbing industrial pollutants like sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide, the acidity becomes even more troublesome. … In the early 1990s the U.S. government passed a series of regulations dramatically reducing sulfur dioxide emissions. This reduced acid rain significantly. It remains an issue elsewhere on the planet, particularly China and Russia, two countries with lots of factories and few environmental regulations — “What Ever Happened To Acid Rain?” (2016) “ — https://www.seeker.com/what-ever-happened-to-acid-rain-2023245290.html


Acid raid caused farmers to put too much calcium (lime) on the soil to bring the pH into balance. This in turn upset the ratio of calcium to magnesium in the soil. So now most crops have lots of calcium and very little magnesium, just the opposite of how it was in Reams’ active years. Where long ago everyone was calcium deficient, now almost everyone needs more magnesium — “Ed in Netherlands” (2014) in a forum comment.

Our Mineral Body, care and feeding, intro

We are sick from a deficiency of minerals, not a lack of drugs and antibiotics.

…chronic diseases are not because of “medication depletion” in the body. A lack of Tylenol in the body is not what is causing a headache. A lack of Symbicort in the body, is not causing asthma in the lungs and bronchials. Most people realize this is logical . . . however doctors treat, behave and teach patients as if diseases are caused by the lack of medications — or a lack of surgeries — or a lack of vaccines.

In the above fantasy promoted by conventional doctors and Big Pharma, a grain of truth exists. Deficiencies of some kind are creating our physical symptoms and diseases.

Since drugs, vaccines and surgeries virtually never provide any nutrients the body is looking for, our body must have unmet nutritional needs we are ignorant of. Fortunately we can learn these, prioritize them; and, supply these needs to achieve and maintain better health.

In priority for our immune system, our needs for physical nourishment are roughly in this order:

- Oxygen is above all other nutritional needs. Cells and organs receive oxygen from our red blood cells, circulating 24/7,

- Water. It supports us to imagine our Water Body apart from our blood circulation. Our Water Body is water inside our cells;and, water between our cells,

- Minerals. It supports us to imagine our Mineral Body. This includes our bones; yet, also all minerals in solution in our body, mineral ions from food and elsewhere. If Dr. Reams is proved correct, as we suspect he will, new cells in vivo form from aggregating mineral ions and other elements to form new cells.

Many other imaginary bodies can be conceived, each with their own nourishment requirements. The point is, of these top three, the one most people are least aware of; and, neglect most, is our Mineral Body.

Optimal physical health can be conceived of and achieved as, nourishing these three “interlocking bodies.” We have least conscious control over our oxygen body. We have almost 100% conscious control over our Water and Mineral bodies. We manage these by what we do and do not put into our mouth.

Dr. Reams whole thesis can be paraphrased like this, If you ignore how to nourish your own Mineral Body, you are setting yourself up for many symptoms and diseases ~ Dr. Pierce Waychoff. The Mineral Diet (2021).

SIDEBAR ~ Magnesium in RBTI

Q: What about supplementing with magnesium for stress, etc?

A: Reams-Beddoe believed if we needed magnesium, we could get all we needed from two sources:

- The magnesium in live, fresh chlorophyll, and

- Magnesium in the correct dolomite.

Chlorophyll is a cousin molecule to hemoglobin. Chlorophylll is to plants what Hemoglobin is to mammals and humans. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to the cell; and then, carries carbon dioxide away from the cell. Hemoglobin contains both magnesium and iron. Your high quality green veggies are the best way to make sure you are getting enough magnesium in your diet without interfering with potassium and nitrogen requirements in your body — Beddoe — https://www.advancedideals.org/019_calcium_questions.html#Anchor-59125

To Learn More on Calciums

Calcium Kit, Dr. Beddoe’s professional text, 85 page booklet, with lots of charts, offers in-depth, detailed discussion of calciums and other minerals, more thoro than any other RBTI literature on calciums.

Why not hair analysis?

A.F. Beddoe, DDS explains Reams was not very interested in finding and removing heavy metals. Why? His aim was to make the body so healthy and full of reserve vitality, it can and would re-make every cell in 180 days, including bones. If our body was working optimally, it would also never use any toxic materials. So in Reams’ mind we can image him thinking, get healthy and your body will stop using heavy metals in cells and will excrete them all. — Paraphrase from http://rbtiworld.com/2012/the-perfect-detoxification/

You can easily find hair analysis test interpretations of the calcium value like this: Calcium looks “adequate.” However, in reality, calcium in the hair is telling us the body is excreting a surplus of an unneeded kind of calcium into the hair.

On the negative side, one might find extras calcium being deposited in the body where it’s neither wanted nor needed: arthritic joints, heel spurs, bursitis lumps, spinal growths, or even a calcified liver — (from Beddoe website I think)

The pH angle is one of the missing links in making hair analysis an accurate method of whole-body mineral evaluation. [Hair analysis ignores how minerals are distorted by either a too-acid interior terrain; or, a a too-alkaline interior terrain.]

Hair analysis never showed the multiple types of calciums; nor, which are in excess and which are deficient. [Because hair analysis results never incorporated pH, nor multiple kinds of calciums — clinicians remained in the dark.] … [in RBTI] the lacks cause the excesses. [Lacking one or more calciums causes excessive build-up of other calciums. [Hair analysis only showed the apparent relative excess or deficiency of all calciums aggregated into one]. …When the pH drifts [in one direction] for too long a time, the body will develop a lack of calcium in some areas while showing excess calcium in other areas. — Beddoe 73 end of page revised for clarity

Shave the head every day to assess minerals?

Reams made a comment on hair analysis suggested as a baseline mineral:

Reams: “As far as I know, I did the first hair analysis ever done … some 46 years ago (circa 1930). I discontinued it because you would have to shave your head every day to know something about [minerals coming and going in the body]. …” (p. 60 Kirban)




Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA

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