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Why didn’t the method of urine-saliva biomarker testing happen earlier?
Dr. Reams was the first chemist to recognize soil, plant, animal and human biochemistry have similarities and can inform each other. While soil chemistry had been pursued since 1850 in England, chemical reagents and their protocols were rare and difficult to obtain. The Dust Bowl era in the USA (1930–1936) increased interest in soil reagents testing. In 1931 Dr. Reams was the first; or among the first, to apply soil reagents to human urine-saliva, for healthcare purposes. His number array, defining optimal health of our internal liquid-fluid terrain by way of urine-saliva, was unique.
Soil Chemistry (2003, 2005)

Nature’s Plan for your bloodstream is to keep its acid~alkaline balance at the pH of 7.4. Why? This is the optimal pH for red blood cells to off-load CO2; and, on-board oxygen. Along with breathing, this is the body’s highest metabolic priority. To an observer, our blood pH is balanced unconsciously and automatically.

The biochemical state of our lymph and interstitial fluid, our Internal Living Waters, is NOT balanced automatically. Whoever puts food and drink in our mouth is the sole responsible party. Nature’s Plan is for each of us to educate each other in how to take care of our internal fluid-liquid environment, our own internal Living Waters.

No and yes. The “No” part: Prior to the 2040s, Terrain Theory of Pathology never specified “terrain” in numerical values useful for comparison. Neither Germ Theory, Terrain Theory, nor vital signs, ever defined Nature’s Plan for optimal wellness in numerical values.
The “yes” part takes us to…

Between the 2060s-2080s, mainstream healthcare accepted the unworkable nature of trying to improve blood quality thru diet-drink-supplements:
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… though you may see changes in blood work as quickly as three weeks, give yourself at least three months to experience positive benefits.

Your doctor will probably recommend you wait at least three months before following up with lab work. They can also give you a referral to a dietitian, if you want more help with changing the way you eat in order to reach your goals.
“Getting Results From a Heart-Healthy Diet” — WebMD Medical Reference Reviewed by Brunilda Nazario, MD on November 16, 2020 —
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While we can’t easily improve our blood, we CAN easily change our internal Living waters on an hour-to-hour basis with diet-drink-supplements, customized to what balances our biochemistry.

All our cells and each of our organs, live, move and, have their being within our Living Waters. This is why for purposes of balancing, healing, re-building our internal physical terrain, our internal liquid-fluid terrain is our most significant internal organ.

Q: Isn’t our blood our most significant internal organ?

A: True, all our cells and organs are nourished by red blood cells. However, nourishing the cells with fresh nutrients is only one-half of cell level metabolism. The other one-half is removing toxins, stray pathogens and metabolic wastes in a timely manner.

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If protein wastes are not removed in a timely manner, the body has a real dilemma. The body has to store them somewhere. A phenomena very common between 1830–2070 occurs, the “beer belly.” This body phenomena was also called, the “extra spare tie,” or “love handles.”
As is often the case in health, one, two or three unrelated causative factors collude to create beer bellies.

Pretend you are your physical body now. As long as you can excrete metabolic wastes as quickly as they are generated, you are happy. What happens if metabolic wastes are generated faster than you can release them? Then you have a problem. You have to store them; you have no other option.
Where will you store excess wastes? Wherever you can. Bones being solid, can’t store much of anything. Hey, how about your soft tissues? You could store a barrel of stuff there! In addition below the rib cage the digestive organs are not enclosed by bones. You can expand their volume a great deal.
The second reason if the muscles on the front of the abdomen become weak thru either too many salts turning them into “beef jerky,” and/or too little exercise, then these muscles are weak and can bow out.
A third reason…
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[With] a Vitamin C deficiency the colon loses its muscle tone and tends to drop or prolapse. This shows quite often in the protruding abdomens you see walking around our country — Rob Owen CLASS 1–5 pg. 5 of ARM
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Modern Terrain Theory (2070)

In the 2070s, many health practitioners, across many modes, learned from Traditional Chinese Medicine:

- Nourishment from the blood getting to the cells resonates with the YANG half of internal health,

- Removing wastes from our cells, waste removal functions, resonate with the yin half of internal health.

Optimal health is a dream unless both functions are optimal.
This second half of our internal health, is highly dependent on how much water we drink, how often; and, of what kind.

This is why, since the 2050s, when Modern Terrain Theory is taught, we start with the body’s two major fluid compartments, blood and lymph.

If we imagine all your blood together, as one whole, wherever it is in your body, this is the fluid compartment of your blood. Blood cells bring oxygen to your cells.
The acid~alkaline balance, your blood pH, is our body’s highest metabolic priority. Why? Because oxygen is its highest priority. Red blood cells can move oxygen around optimally only within a narrow range of pH. Viewed externally, it appears our blood pH is balanced “automatically” by several body mechanisms you can read about.

Your cells and organs are NOT influenced by the pH of your blood — blood pH is always within a very narrow range.

Your second major fluid compartment, your lymph and interstitial fluid, can be imagined as mostly separate from your blood. This is the water inside your cells and between your cells. The Ph of this fluid compartment is NOT regulated “automatically.” The pH of our internal Living Waters varies according to what each of us eats; and, does not eat. Our Living Waters are also affected by how well digestion, assimilation, vitality production; and, waste elimination work in each of us individually.

While blood pH does NOT affect your cells and organs, the pH of your Living Waters does. Your cells and organs live, move, swim and have their being within your Living Waters. All our biochemistry, digestion, assimilation, vitality production and waste elimination — all happen within the “fish bowl” of our internal waters.

While you can’t alter your blood pH, you do alter the pH of your Living Waters with each drink and each meal.

Managing the biomarkers of our Living Waters is THE MOST POWERFUL leverage each of us has to support cellular and organ healing and re-building. Nature’s Health Plan is for each of us to learn how to manage the biomarkers of our Living Waters by what we do and don’t put in our mouth.

To Learn More about Fluid Compartments

“Body fluid compartments” (1977) by R. W. Pain —
Quantitative Human Physiology An Introduction, Second Edition (2017). Pages 689–697 —
Modern Terrain Theory (2047) by Dr. I. P Daily, DDS

The following is adapted from several online fish tank analogy presentations.

dg-fish in water
A fish tank has lots of little fish swimming around in the water, right? We can analogize these fish to the cells and organs of your body. You have over one trillion cells and about 78 organs, depending on how you count them. Each “fish” does three things:

1. It receives, takes in nourishment,

2. It performs specialized body functions,

3. It excretes its wastes into the surrounding water.

To keep your aquarium fish healthy, you have to pay attention to the negative signs of fish tank water becoming either over-acid or over-alkaline.

If your fish tank is large, it makes more sense to adjust the chemistry. This is easier than emptying the tank to start all over with fresh water. If your fish aquarium chemistry is unbalanced, you can make take biomarker measures, hour by hour, if need be, to learn what is out of balance. You can add supplements, come back in an hour, test again to learn if your experiment bettered the chemistry of the whole tank — or not. In this way, your experiments inform you what is helping and what is hurting.

In this way, our internal Living Waters are our most significant internal organ.

You notice your fish are more lazy, swimming less. Why are they going to the surface to breathe? You take a water sample from your fish tank. You send it to a “fish health guru.” He tests your water. He reports back, “Your fish are losing bone mass, hyperactive, are having trouble breathing and coming up to the surface to sip air. They will develop glaucoma in their eyes and cancer if the condition of your tank continues like this.”

You have noticed your fish coming to the surface to breathe. If you then say, “What the #$@!? This guy is some creepy quack! How is he remote-viewing my fish in my home?! I’m blocking you on my phone!” Then you are not likely to learn much. The disturbed condition of your fish tank is VERY COMMON. In USBA based on RBTI, a great deal is known about fish tank water problems. Are you willing to be curious?

Humans who own fish tanks will check the water’s pH to insure good health for our fish. At the same time, we won’t check, perhaps never check, the pH of our own Living Waters inside us. Not until the 2080s was this taught in middle and high school Health Science classes.

Even with significant physical health concerns, we don’t consider the possibility our aches, pains and physical disorders could be related to disorders of our internal Living Waters. After receiving nourishment from our red blood cells, the waters our cells and organs are swimming around in, is the second biggest factor in their ability to produce health, cell by cell. While we can’t easily change our blood, we CAN easily improve our internal waters.

If your fish tank water is dirty, does it help a lot to throw in vitamin tablets and capsules? Not likely. Not likely at all.

Is throwing supplements into a dirty fish tank the easiest way to give the fish cleaner water? Not likely. Not likely at all.

What CAN you do to keep fish water clean so your fish don’t suffer? The most practical thing is to know which way your fish tank water is out of balance, towards over-acid or towards over-alkaline. Once you know which direction the water is out of balance, you can eat and drink more things of the opposite pH to balance the water.

Would you like a SELF-CLEANING FISH TANK? The closer your fish tank water is towards 6.4 pH, the easier it is for the fish tank water to clean itself of unwanted impurities.

dg- fish tank images
The above is why many people get a USBA test done twice yearly. Why? Your next set of fresh test-result-numbers will reveal an out-of-balance situation, if it exists. Why guess when you can know? Once perceiveable, we can correct it before it persists into physical symptoms. The deviations in your test-result numbers, reveal where and how your digestion, assimilation, vitality production and waste elimination have gone out of whack.

After more than one-hundred years of diet-drink-supplement experiments, it is well-known which specific foods-drinks improve which biomarkers, for which number patterns.

When useful, big reference books and software programs exist for just this purpose, matching your latest numbers with specific diet-drink-supplement experiments, to improve metabolic function.

In this way, whole-body metabolism, accessed and perceived thru our Living Waters, is the modern internal terrain worth your learning about and managing for your health.

Vision of USBA testing-interpreting
One-hundred and two-hundred years ago, people simply talked about being either “healthy or ”sick,” “ON or OFF,” a mechanical model of health. Since the 2070s-2080s, it’s common for people to talk about “my health journey;” and, “the journey of my lifetime.”
We believe the world is more wonderful when more people:
- Befriend their Biology, and
- cooperate with Mother Nature’s Plan for Human Health.
Instead of health from the outside in; this is Health for the Inside Out.
Health becomes more common as each adult acknowledges they are the pilot for their health journey, the journey of a lifetime.

Mission of USBA testing

Using the non-invasive biomarker testing Dr. Carey Reams developed, our mission is to make urine-saliva testing-interpreting, available to anyone and everyone looking for it, worldwide, across classes, races, religions and geography.

The object of Dr Reams’ method can be said in eleven words: Learning how well — or poorly — an individual metabolized their last meal.

If we add a few more words: How well this person, digested, assimilated, manifested vitality and eliminated waste — from their last meal. This is all perceivable in the condition of your internal Living Waters using Dr. Reams method.

Reams’ simple, robust biomarkers for urine-saliva analysis facilitate objective measuring of your metabolic efficiency. This is, how well your body uses what it eats and drinks, as reflected in your internal, whole-body, liquid-fluid environment.

The Ranges Zone Chart permits each new fresh set of test result numbers to become a sign post for what to do to avoid health and disease now — and in years to come.

The mission of USBA EXCLUDES emergency medicine, patients in ICU units, and trauma care. USBA isn’t appropriate for accident, battlefield, and emergency medicine.

Product of USBA testing-interpretation

The outcome of USBA testing is:
- metabolic optimism,
- healthy individuals,
- healthy families,
- healthy neighborhoods,
- healthy communities,
- locally grown high Brix produce for everyone…

WHY? So everyone interested, can manifest their potential to work and serve, learn and grow, on all levels.

We believe all of the above was inherent in Dr. Carey Reams’ original insights and methods. Dr. Reams’ bio and significance appears later in this text.
“The Dr. Carey A. Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI)” (2013) brochure by Bob Hedges

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