New Patron Booklet — for the year 2122 — Urine-Saliva Biomarker Analysis (RBTI)

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Urine-Saliva Biomarker Analysis, USBA, is based on RBTI.

Central to USBA (RBTI) is realizing we merely move a person’s body into the “healing range” and supply what the body needs. Who performs the actual healing? God and Mother Nature working thru your body. If you believe this is absurd, you are free to use the program as you see fit. If it works, great! — Joel Horst


“In 1931, Dr. Carey Reams discovered an array of seven biomarker values; which together, represented optimal wellness of our internal Living Waters. The numbers were derived from non-invasive, fresh samples of urine and saliva. After years of testing, Reams was convinced the values representing optimal metabolic wellness were the same for anyone, regardless of their health, age, or gender. No evidence to the contrary exists so far.

“Once an array for optimal metabolic conditions is established and verified, this means number arrays too far different from the optimal array, represent disordered metabolism and/or metabolic dysfunction.

“The longer a disordered metabolic condition persisted in our Living Waters, the more likely physical symptoms will appear.

“The optimal number array can be described more precisely. it is how easily and efficiently our processes of digestion, assimilation, vitality production and waste elimination performed on our last main meal of the day.

“Consultants trained in number array interpretation can “read” in a fresh set of numbers how close or far away they are from the optimal numbers. Additionally many metabolic and electrochemical patterns present themselves in the relationships between numbers.

“With this information, Dr. Reams could then customize diet, drink and supplements to move internal terrain into its optimal healing-rebuilding range. This had a beneficial effect on all cells, organs and health dysfunctions.

“Reams’ method also invited people to begin to learn the first things about their own biology, how to befriend it, manage it, cherish and care for it.

“In each case, progress is conditional on the patron following thru consistently on their dietary “homework” recommendations. If they do, progress was predictable. Support was always available for minor healing crises as metabolism body moves from a less ordered pattern to more orderly and optimal biochemistry.”

Revised-adapted from Beddoe

What if…

What if there was an easy way to manage your physical health, vitality and immune response?

What if you could connect with,

get to know; and,

learn to manage,

the internal environment of your own body?

Would you be interested?

Did you know, all your cells and organs, live, move and have their being, inside your liquid-fluid terrain?

Can you imagine your internal Living Waters as an “internal fish bowl”? In this image, all your cells and organs, are your internal “fish.” Their nourishment, their quality of life; and, their ability to replace old cells with new cells, depend on the surrounding water they swin in.

The more vitality your Living Waters have, the more vitality is imparted to all your cells and organs.

The promise-potential of USBA testing-analysis-interpretation

Why does the WHO and nine out of ten health insurers enthusiastically support USBA testing, for all but emergency medicine situations? The promise-potential is best conceived of thru the following questions:

What if from low-tech, non-invasive biomarker test results, it was easy to derive a picture of the health of your whole-body metabolism: digestion, assimilation, vitality production, and waste elimination? Would this interest you?

Another question:

What if in 30 minutes, it was easy to obtain, strong Therapeutic Direction for any non-emergency health concern? Would this interest you?

What if this was easy to do this for babies and elderly persons, for any race, religion or class? Would this interest you?


Your individual biochemistry is like a hologram, many dynamics interacting all at once. What if in 30 mins it was possible to acquire multiple perspectives on your biochemical strengths and weaknesses? Would this interest you?

What if from these multiple views, your next diet-drink-supplement experiments, likely to benefit your whole-body healing, could be derived?

Last question:

What if this testing and consultation was already covered by insurance and cost less to patrons and insurers, than Old Medicine (diagnosis-drugs-surgery-medicine)?

Well, you are in luck. More people worldwide now trust the USBA healthcare method, than those who trust Old Medicine diagnosis-drugs-surgery approach.

Q: What is tested?

A: The interior liquid-fluid terrain of one person at a time. This invisible terrain is tested by way of urine and saliva. Specimens are taken. No invasive tests are needed. This allows an array of seven biomarkers, numerical values, to be generated.

Ideally urine-saliva specimens are taken 2–3 hours after breakfast or lunch main meal. No food for at least two hours prior. No water for at least 30 minutes before analysis.

What is the GOAL of this method?

To move your Living Water into the A Range of optimal wellness. Why? See Nature’s Plan for Health below.

Seven biomarkers

pH of the Urine

pH of the Saliva

Sugars in the Urine

Salt (electrolytes) content of the Urine

Cellular debris in the Urine

Nitrate nitrogen in the Urine

Ammonia nitrogen in the Urine

In the hands of an experienced interpreter, these seven biomarkers yield “pictures” of a client’s body chemistry.

Q: Why measure these biomarkers?

A: To learn how close or far away your values are to the Healing Range of values. How to bring a person back towards optimal health with foods, diet-supplements, is well-known.

If your numbers are out-of-range, USBA consultants draw on 150 years of documented experiments in which specific diet-drink-supplements are likely to nudge your values back into A Range. You can improve your digestion, assimilation, production of vitality and waste elimination, meal by meal.

This won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Paradoxically, the sicker a person is, often the more motivated they are to heal. What’s your level of motivation? Another way to ask this is, “What is your willingness to heal?”

What is the Ranges and Zone Chart?

dg-Healing Range Chart by Dr. Beddoe. Permission requested twice from his widow; no response.

In the 1970s or 1980s Reams with his close students, collaborated on a visual aid, a chart of Ranges. The A Range shows optimal biomarker values, relationships and ranges for the biochemistry of our Living Waters. In their optimal environment, our cells and organs are optimally supported and old cells refreshed with new cells as soon as they are needed.

With this useful visual aid, anyone with a set of their numbers, can compare their numbers with the Chart to learn:

- whether their internal waters fall within the A Range of optimal function, or

- how far outside the A Range their metabolism is functioning.

The more often your biochemical values fall into the A Range of chart values, the more people experience a high level of overall well-being, strength, endurance and stamina for daily living.

Comparing your latest set of USBA values to the Chart informs you:

- If your biochemistry is trending towards optimal function,

- If your biochemistry is trending away from optimal function, or

- Your biochemistry is stuck somewhere, the values not moving either direction. These cases benefits from the most experienced BA consultant you can find.

The set of R7 biomarkers do not claim to “know all” and “tell all.” Each consultant simply takes the numbers inside them; then, based on their training, talent and clinical experience with similar cases, turns the number array into a verbal interpretation of your metabolic state and how you processed your last meal.

“The map is not the territory.” USBA biomarkers do not specify the activity of every metabolic process. However, given 150 years of experiments in RBTI-USBA, case studies and documentation, there’s a good chance your stuck pattern is a known stuck pattern with a list of suggested next experiments or additional therapies to try. For stuck numbers, if you have never had any colonics, this is a favorite experiment. Then parasite issues. Then heavy metals issues. Then retroviruses.

The more you can keep all your biochemistry values in your Healing Zone, the more vitality you will feel; and, the more “reserve energy” your immune system can “bank” in your “savings account” for a rainy day.

HOW are specimens analyzed?

Soil testing chemical reagents and small battery-powered test meters are employed to derive numbers for each of these biomarkers.

USBA analysis has six steps:

1) Collecting valid, non-invasive specimens,

2) Generating competent numerical values (Biomarkers),

3) Comparing fresh numbers with the optimal range of healing-rebuilding values,

4) Interpreting and explaining to each patron, what these numbers tell about how their metabolism responded to their last meal,

5) With the patron, discussing three or more practical tweaks to diet, drink, supplements, lifestyle; so, in the next testing, their numbers move towards the Healing Range and maintain there,

6) Discussing an appropriate interval of time between this test and your next one.

WHAT can this method reveal?

- Whether your total carbs-sugars are too high or too low,

- How healthy your liver functions are,

- Whether you are gaining or losing teeth and bone density (pH),

- How toxic your internal liquid-fluid environment is,

- An estimate of your parasite and fungal burdens,

- Many other conditions if present.

HOW OFTEN is testing required?

There is no set schedule. Patrons moderately to severely ill were tested daily by Dr. Reams in his retreats. How often patrons require testing is a function of two things;

- How ill you are, how much professional supervision you require for safety reasons, and

- Each patron’s willingness to heal and rebuild their Living Waters, the beginning of repairing-rebuilding all cells and organs.

For non-acute cases, a two week period between tests is preferred. Challen Waychoff, II, ND believed it takes the body two weeks to adapt to significant diet, supplement, lifestyle changes.

Steps of the USBA method

Test-result numbers are only part of the method. The full method can be outlined like this:

- Each person’s willingness to heal,

- Scheduling a USBA testing appointment (healing can begin here),

- Cooperating with food-drink instructions prior to the test,

- Being curious about your test-result numbers,

- Listening to the interpretation of your latest numbers,

- Actively participating in the brainstorm around which diet-drink-supplement experiments should be recommended now,

- Set a date for your next testing appointment at a mutually agreed on interval,

- Self-connection and self-discipline to make an effort to consistently follow your latest set of recommendations (homework),

- Make a written note of any and all cravings. These are often the most useful information for your next visit.

What USBA testing-analysis is NOT

No form of diagnosis, treatment or cure are intended, used nor claimed. This is an analytical method for educating people, one at a time:

- about their physical health,

- to understand where their individual biochemistry is weak and strong; and

- discussing which practical experiments are likely to restore metabolic competency.

A “formula” for optimal metabolic health

Nature’s Plan for optimal biochemistry of our Optimal Living Water was put into numerical values in 1931 by Dr. Carey Reams:

1.5 brix

6.4 urine pH/over:

6.4 saliva pH

6.5C (conductivity, electrolytes)

0.04M (cell debris)

3 (nitrate nitrates)/over:

3 (ammonia nitrates)

plus CS (common sense)

Except for the “Common Sense” part, patrons are not held responsible for knowing this number array. Patrons who wish to familiarize themself with the numbers; how they reflect what’s going on in your own internal terrain, are welcome to learn.

“Nature’s Plan for human wellness,” only became a mainstream topic in the 2060s-2080s. Dr. Reams did not talk about “Mother Nature.”

Next: Why did this method take so long to become well-known?

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles,CA