Pandemic lockdown as fascism

2020 revealed seven levels of plague. Did I miss any?

Bruce Dickson
7 min readSep 3, 2020


London anti-lockdown protest Aug 30, 2020

I taught in K-12 schools 1986–2001, public, charter, Waldorf and special ed. I have a school counseling MA.

What’s missing in this podcast panel is any “outside the box” thinking or ideas.

Short version: 2020 pandemic exposed the complete absence of effective mass public health education about immune health, creating-maintaining it at the individual level.

Which orgs will survive-thrive post pandemic? It may only be orgs who create and promote social permission for people to talk to each other, about immune health, at the individual level.

It may be only these orgs create a consensus of safety and mutual trust enabling live, face-to-face activities again.

Long version ~ The Jan 2020 pandemic revealed multiple current pandemics layered one on top of the other, like this:

Most obvious, topmost pandemic ~ The covid virus (probably) which primarily attacks the sickest individuals and those with co-morbidities.

Covid has caused some deaths. How many deaths over and above 2017–2018 influenza deaths? This may never be known. Among healthy persons, probably 0.02% to 1% fatalities additional to 2017–2018 flu season. Naturally deaths were higher among elderly and those one or more co-morbidity; including, those unknowingly(?) living lifestyles and eating diets known to reduce immune health.

2020 Pandemic #2 under covid is mass fear.

Fear is created by fearful news items and survival recommendations massively repeated in corporate news media; where, for the sake of ratings, “if it bleeds it leads.”

Second layer pandemic is fear-created-by-news-content-skewed-to-create-public-fear.

2020 Pandemic #3 under fear is pandemic-as fascism.

The word “fascism” is commonly credited to Benito Mussolini in his 1919 Manifesto. He defined it as “the merging of the state and corporate power.” He also said a more accurate word would be “corporatism.” “Of the Manifesto’s proposals, the application of corporative organization to economic interests was…



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