Thank God We Got Rid of the Men #5

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2018: Brett Kavanaugh’s can of worms

#5 of a series of pieces from a text in progress, Thank God We Got Rid of the Men; A Story of Restoration for Planet Earth

Last article we established “The Day the Women Took Over” was partly fiction, a dramatic urban legend kids and teens used, to scare each other. The slow-motion takeover looked more like this:

Failed Males poster boys

In the 2020s-2030s, Donald Duck, Brett Kavanaugh and George W. Bush became the three poster boys for failed male leadership, for passion used to hurt, destroy and belittle instead in defence of and support of truly human values.

Brett Kavanaugh’s can of worms

In his 2018 public interview to be a judge on the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh behaved and spoke in ways which disqualified him for any public office, in the minds of women.

Donald Duck’s “scorched earth approach to human relations” was equally galling to women, motivating them to earn degrees and take job offers.

Looking back, 2018 was a nadir of primitive, public male behavior, exceeded only by Duck’s obnoxious, dangerous, belligerent public behavior in 2019.

In the mind of anyone with a sense of decency, the manipulative, racist, misogynistic remarks and insinuations by Duck and his Wrecking Crew, constituted an urgent moral crisis.

Donald Duck’s “performance” as fake president forced women to ask each other, “Is this the best we can do?

In the Kavanaugh hearing, women said to each other, “Holy cow, I am a more fair judge than this elite snob. If this is the best men can come up, I’m running for office myself.” As you know, in Nov. 2018, more women were elected (40) than anyone anticipated.

Brett’s Supreme Court hearings became a national scandal: the failure of USA culture under male leadership and male-centric norms, in category after category.

This is what I call Brett Kavanaugh’s “can of worms.” He was incapable of admitting any one little white lie he made under oath. Why? Because admitting one, opens the door to admitting all the lies, white, gray and black, he made in his 2018 interview; heaven forbid, all his white lies since 2004 or 1982.

In 2018 Brett demonstrated white male privilege still had the support of mass corporate media. Males can and did get away with lying and disrespecting the Rule of Law, and the Constitution.

Brett could still avoid acknowledging his big “can of worms,” could still avoid acknowledging any “shadow self” whatsoever, could still act as if “humility” and “willingness to learn” were foreign to the male universe. The privileged male point of view says, “You can’t make me look at or address my shadow self. Unless and until, I am good and ready to do this — which will never be — I will rage and cry tears to avoid any and all facts-evidence conflicting with my own high self-concept. You can’t make me and I don’t have to. I win you lose.”

Apology to any actual worms reading this

No actual worms were harmed in the production of this writing. As well, since the 1990s or earlier, baiting fish with worms on hooks, is mostly replaced with fly fishing (insect-like fish lures).

If you have ever fished with actual live worms, if your can has no top, or the top is open, much time and effort is required to keep putting worms back into the can, as they keep getting out, getting free, over and over. They simply refuse to stay organized for the purpose of being sacrificed for a dominator agenda.

But I digress.

Later in the middle 2020s, in large face-to-face summer conferences, the women supported each other in getting organized to change K-college education so males like W., Duck and K. could never exist again.

Along these lines, the first new norm women pushed was emotional transparency. “Emotional transparency” became an exceedingly common phrase in the Senate and House, among women, to communicate and to get things done.

This “baby” effort was so well-received and useful, it led directly to adoption of BluePrint of WE by many many DC staffers, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Emotional transparency confronts violent language


First women were hurt by men’s lies. Then women ignored men’s lies. then women expected men to lie — and worked around them as best they could. Finally women got angry at men’s lies — and demonstrated the greater integrity they had always wished for ~ Betty Ensler (circa 2035)

After the Nov. 2020 Big Blue Wave, women stopped taking men’s lies seriously. Women only took seriously men’s positive demonstrations and healthy values, only took them seriously when they behaved accountable for their impolite, illegal and corrupt behavior.

This combination of responses made men ashamed for their crimes and misdemeanors against the environment and against the Constitution.

It wasn’t the mass media who brought men to task for their lies. It was the women ~ Betty Ensler from her History of the Big Blue Wave and After (2040)

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Women began to publicly turn on men’s lies in a wonderful 2018 happenstance event. Entering an elevator Jeff Flake was confronted by two female rape victims. “Tearful woman confronts Sen. Flake on elevator”

This video was played hundreds of times at public gatherings, over the next ten years. Women’s groups used this video to example the energy, courage and honesty required to make your voice heard in the face of men’s lies.

2018–2020 Progressive Women began having out-size social significance. In Jan. 2021 so many women poured into Congress, a support group meetings, experienced elected woman mentoring newly elected women, sprung up. They called it Women In Congress.

In these support group meetings among many other things, they watched the 2018 video-audio of two women talking to a Senator Flake, in the elevator about Kavanaugh. This was shown over and over as a positive example of the extreme women may need to go, and could go to, to make their voices effective. They also rehearsed speech making with each other, polishing their pitches and speeches to perfection.


Tearful woman confronts Senator Flake on elevator — — Sen. Jeff Flake, minutes after he announced he will support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, was confronted at the US Capitol Friday morning by two women who say they are sexual assault survivors.

The bigger can of worms: violent language

Unprecedented public displays of self-destruction male agency and leadership were excused, allowed and promoted daily in 2015–2020. Multiple, manifold, manipulative-disrespectful mannerisms appeared in conversation and communication in person and online.

A few women knew about Marshall Rosenberg, PhD. He founded NVC in the 1970s. Marshall named and cataloged several categories of “violent communication.” Marshall said, the main intention of violent communication, was to make clear and support norms of who is allowed to demand and who is supposed to submit.

Violent language’s Greatest Hits include such favorites as:

- The language of Demanding,

- The language of Submitting,

- The language of reward~punishment.

- Mis-using words to pretend thoughts, judgements and character evaluations are “feelings.”

Most of this psychic violence was practiced by males — but not only by males. Women were equally capable of practicing violent communication. “Women who think like men” had to be watched out for. These were often women willing to enable “men behaving badly.” Many of them had or expected to inherit male positions of power and/or wealth. Understanding and upholding male norms was always part of the unspoken bargain.

By 2022 women were prepared to offer a robust public response to elected males who lacked even:

- minimal interpersonal skills,

- minimal honesty, personal integrity.

A meme started circulating among women: interpersonal skills are the most useful human skills. We return to this later also.

Women didn’t shout about these matters. They collected degrees and accepted job offers.

The behaviors of Donald Duck’s as fake president and Brett Kavanaugh, were the last straw for many women, the straw which broke the back of women on-the-fence about participating in civic affairs.

As women gradually took over male professional positions in the 2020s, they frequently referenced G.W, Donald Duck, and Brett K. as big inspirations. They said, “These three men make any woman look good.”

Keep asking the relevant questions

In a toxic, know-nothing, self-denying male media circus, part of healthy emotional transparency in 2019–2021 was, on talk shows, women thinkers and elected leaders asking the relevant questions, again and again, which males had never answered:


- Why were no bankers put in prison after the financial crisis of 2008?

- Why do we allow CEOs to commit wrongdoing against the 99% with no accountability?

- Why do we let corporations insult-degrade every Public Commons for profit?

- Why do we permit commercial banks, “Too Big to Fail” to ignore any social responsibility?

- Why do we let Big Pharma, Big Auto to basically “run wild”?

Adapted from —

We have effectively written accountability for white-collar crime and corruption in government out of the US legal code ~ David Dayen

The resulting two-tiered system of justice frustrates and disillusions the public. It breaks faith in government and its institutions. It’s something we must put actual effort into remedying, … under whoever comes next [as President].

It’s Even Worse Than You Think: What the Trump Administration Is Doing to America (2018) by David Cay Johnston. “It’s even worse than you thinkwas what decent people said on a daily basis, as each new day revealed new insults to civility and the rule of law by Donald Duck and his Wrecking Crew.


Looking back on 2018, men turned a blind eye to their own decline and decimation. Corrupt male leaders with eyes on stockholders and share price, were unawares they were presiding over the last minutes of worldwide male dominator society.

By 2022, more women understood, and had rhetoric for, how it wasn’t only Donald Duckism which needed replacing. It was violent speech and violence-promoting language in all forms which needed addressing.

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