The giant re-awakened by the kiss of a woman

Ch.9 of Experiential Insight Colleges, woman re-making culture in the wake of Male Gender Collapse

Summer Conference #1 (2027) was empowering. It supported women’s self-esteem, and healthy self-concept. Psychologists in 2085 often remind people these two together comprise self-confidence. In the House and Senate offices of Women In Congress, elected officials and their office staffs felt safer and more relaxed with large, live groups of voters and constituents. Male attendance was just under 10%. Security was NOT a big problem. The safe nature of such a large event surprised many experts. More medical stations were the unexpected need. Two additional medical stations were opened to handle physical mishaps and counseling emergencies

At Sum Conf 2027 and in Monday Lunch With Experts, beyond BluePrint of WE, Women were learning about more Best Practices in Interpersonal Competency.

In Fall 2027, more voters concerned about the problem of the “Heads-down Generation.” They brought their concerns to their elected officials

Women began to wonder what synergy existed between these two. Could 2 and 2 make 4? Could it be this simple: expose young minds to Best Practices for life-long healthy interpersonal interaction?

What kind of teachable curriculum of interpersonal Best Practices could be put together?

Where could a pilot program be staged?

Many Women began to be excited. They saw possibilities for using high school and college classrooms, all across the country, most of which had moveable seating, as ideal places for such education to be staged and conveyed.

It was a huge idea. In the realm of improving quality of life for the next seven generations, it was a more generous, visionary idea than any Old Males had come up with.

The political and practical logistics were daunting. Yet some women felt ready to take a bigger swing at making the world better, recovering and redeeming it from the trash heap where Old Males had discarded it and “flown off” to “live” on Mars and uploading their life-mind-heart into Metaverse virtual realities.

By spring of 2028, talk began on how to stage an interactive pilot program for Summer Conference #2, June, 2028. It took 22 women three days, to put together a detailed DRAFT proposal for comment. It was circulated on Google docs for comment to 127 interested key women educators and supporters. After the comment window closed, office staffers were tasked with reconciling everything, and grounding it into a plan; including, line-item budget requests.

“Enthusiasm is like medicine for us” ~ Rudolf Steiner.

Still, women had yet to confront the elephant in the room, the recalcitrance of academic administrators: high school and college district administrators.

Paradox of group process in academia

High schools and colleges is where live facilitation of group process would appear to have its obvious home and greatest usefulness. Paradoxically — with few exceptions, academia was where — Best Practice innovations in group process were least honored and least welcome.

Best Practices in healthy interpersonal relating; and, academia were oil and water; they disliked mixing.

Were Best Practices tried in classrooms? Yes, primarily in the 1980s-1990s. What happened? Due to multiple factors, Best Practices were watered down to the pablum level.

After three local universities gave women a “go slow” message about what could be done and the limited support they could give, Women asked organizers of Monday Lunch to schedule experts to speak on why academics resisted healthy group process. What’s this about? Why did colleges and universities shy away from celebrating and teaching Best Practices in human relations?

K-12 and college reform experts spoke on this history and explained. Short version? “It’s the Patriarchy, stupid.” The narrow-minded Old Male paradigm, the Old Male win~lose paradigm — that is — anything threatening male privilege must be defeated. “So say I, the King of the Hill!”

Iain McGilchrist to the rescue

This necessitated inviting three more experts to speak at Monday Lunch on Iain McGilchrist’s 2009 rectifying of left and right brain hemispheres in light of new research on stroke victims. Some patients had lost 100% of left hemisphere function Others had lost 100% of right hemisphere function

What was learned? Only the isolated left hemisphere could imagine it was superior and sufficient unto itself. Only left hemisphere could imagine the superiority of isolated Second Order Science (2 + 2 = 4 science) justified society run by male-led hierarchies.

Even at the level of nuclear families, Women were invited to consider how parents approve and disapprove of their own children, on the basis of whether a child embraces the existing parental power structure — or not. Before Male Gender Collapse, virtually all parental power structure was male-dominated.

For these reasons, high schools and colleges were run as male hierarchies and perceived healthy group process (bottom up activity) as threatening to their pyramid organizations.

Q: Wait. I know women college presidents and administrators.

A: This required another two experts to speak at Monday Lunch. They said: It’s not just gender. It’s also women-who-think-like-men, women who enable Old Males. These women enable and sometimes succeed in top college positions. Sometimes they are more effective administrators, sometimes not. That’s not the point. What was the point? In high schools, does this female admin “play nicely” with the majority of school district admins who are male? In colleges, where the donor and bequest base is overwhelmingly male — feel comfortable with and support this female administrator?

It took women experts to explain to Women how and why women-who-think-like-men enabled and preserved male hierarchy, as the price for their powerful positions.

The upshot? The academic view of group process was, “Let sleeping dogs lie.” Energizing the base of your pyramid, the students and the parents was always perceived as a threat — as viewed from the top of the pyramid.

College reform efforts were as antiquated and ineffective, as far behind the times, as college students had been claiming for decades, since the 1960s.

Hiring admins vs hiring faculty

How did this happen? A Monday Lunch expert explained. For the reason above, high schools and colleges have always been pyramidal business enterprises. When these organizations hire new admin staff, they “sort” for employees compatible with, willing to support, the existing power structure. Pyramidal business enterprises are the last workplaces to incorporate methods and practices to give all involved a voice and a stake in how things are run.

The research on the personal preferences of new college administrators hired at five large colleges was convincing. As personality types, 80% of new college admins hired had less creative, more managerial, Analyst-Rational and Sentinel-Guardian personal preferences.

In contrast, when administrators hired new teaching faculty, colleges make at least an effort to hire the brightest most creative talent available. A large fraction of faculty professors college admins hire are therefore more creative, more independent, Cultural Creatives.

The last Monday Lunch speaker in this series drew many insights together. It wasn’t just colleges were split between more Culturally Creative (NFs)front line workers; and, more conservative (NTs) upper management. It was also counseling centers, hospitals and K-12 schools. Women had their eyes opened up to a very big organizational pattern, a widespread dilemma.

Solutions? Going back to Monday Lunch speaker who were students of Iain McGilchrist, one female speaker spoke about whole-brained group process, in a way Women could easily relate to.

Where do we frequently mix oil and water? In salad dressing. We shake a bottle of oil and vinegar vigorously to get them to mix. This emulsifies the two somewhat if only temporarily.

Her conclusion? This mixing of the two liquids with different properties is the goal of healthy whole-mindedness. Left-hemisphere intelligences need to “mix” frequently with right-hemisphere intelligences so both are available on an as-needed basis. If the two are never mixed, then on your salad, all you get is vinegar or only oil.

Q: What does this “mixing” look like psychologically?

A: It looks like alternating between right and left hemisphere behaviors, as useful and practical.

Do this, and the two behave more and more as if they are blended, mixed, one-whole.

“Analysis” vs. “Appreciation”

In brain hemisphere terms, individual, analysis and uniqueness comes from the left (intellectual intelligence). From right hemisphere comes Appreciation for the flow and evolution within the whole of things (heart intelligence).

In the 200 years before Women In Congress, Women began to perceive most male leaders had been strong on analysis — weak on Appreciation, another way to understand male one-sidedness.

What was in the middle between these two? Feeling, feelings of all varieties, hopefully governed, modulated and regulated by a healthy conscious Self expressing, calm, compassion, courage and confidence.

Appreciation and analysis are much more powerful-effective working together, as teammates, than either can be, working alone.

Between 1820–2022, one-sided males, thinking only in left side hemisphere terms, employed group process only as a tool for commercial competition, for sports and for war.

Women looking at this history in the 2020s said, “Too bad. How limiting. No wonder politics and war, erratic boom~bust, economic roller coaster rides, were the emblems of failed male leadership.”

Iain McGilchrist agrees with an earlier author, Joseph Chilton Pearce (Magical Child, et al) this is how analysis — the weaker sibling to the older-wiser Appreciation, came to dominate academia and mainstream culture everywhere. (See McGilchrist (2009) and his Youtube videos). Indeed only one-sided males could have come up with a one-sided mythology elevating rational-material analysis, as the ultimate role-model, for all life and all success.

In schools, at its worst, male-led, left-brain-only academia, was one-sided, no mixing, no blending, no wholeness. Hence the stilted, backwards looking, rear-view-mirror quality of colleges and universities. This was in large part what students protested against in the Berkeley, CA free speech riots of 1963-’64.

By the 2080s historians were teaching students this way. Goethe and Rudolf Steiner taught the plant world around us reflects the invisible etheric world all around us. It’s a frequency just a bit higher than physical-material substance. Plant forms out-picture, make visible, the invisible forms and patterns of Nature. Plants display the four classic shapes and many classic, geometric patterns of etheric phenomena.

Humanity was supposed to be learning from; and, be creative with plants. Instead, males isolated in only left hemisphere thinking, felt superior to farmers. These isolated males created, celebrated and funded architecture, monuments to the “solidity” of beliefs, ideas and religions.

After WWII, one-sided males created architectural dystopias, with few to no plants or any living things. Why? Because Old Males lived in their heads, not in their bodies, no in Nature.

It was only later, after male Gender Collapse, when women who were ready, willing, able and wanting to live in and with Nature, was Western culture able to return to balance with the invisible spirit in all living forms.

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