The Power of Metabolic Patterns

Bruce Dickson
4 min readJan 14, 2024

Review of Metabolic Imbalance, pH and Ayurveda; More energy thru individualized nutrition(2011) by William Rasmussen

Dr. Carey Reams’ RBTI looks to be a foundational piece of a bigger picture, the power of metabolic patterns. Using Reams’ optimal biomarkers as an objective measure for lymph chemistry is an open door for those who wish to understand Metabolic Typing :)

This is a Metabolic Typing book. It expands on the topics, methods and tests innovated by William Kelley, DDS, Guy Schenker, DC, William Wolcott, Harold Kristol, DDS, and Nicholas Gonzalez, MD.

MetType is analytical biochem, a topic I never thought I would enjoy and benefit from. Since the late 1970s, I’ve been a dedicated self-tester (kinesiology). However my 2010–2023 journey thru urine-saliva biomarker testing-analysis (RBTI) gave me a 20% health bump. This got my attention.

What’s new here? Plenty. This is Metabolic Typing viewed in its larger context, the full range of holistic healthcare modes from 1970s Macrobiotics to Ayurveda. This is the first book to discuss MetType in the larger context of holistic healthcare modes, A to Z.

Q: I thought MetType was already more open-minded than allopathic medicine?

A: It is. However MetType books prior to Rasmussen do not acknowledge Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda or muscle-response self-testing (kinesiology). Rasmussen is not a muscle tester; yet, he is into Ayurveda and a wide range of holistic modes — almost as good.

Q: Is this a more workable introduction than William Wolcott’s book, Metabolic Typing Diet(2000)?

A: I believe so. After me reading Wolcott twice, trying to get into it, his book book sat on my shelf for 20 years. Why? His 2000 book tries to stuff all of MetType into the small “box” of a ‘general audience, 2000s diet-book-best-seller.’ MetType’s strength is not primarily a fix-all-your-problems-with-diet thing.

A big fraction of phys ed coaches and nutritionists, who already had significant technical education in metabolism did respond to Wolcott’s book. They were able to apply MetType to improve their health and client health thru improving diet. However, in 2023 the public profile of Metabolic Typing has retreated from the mainstream back into a fringe topic. The way Wolcott presented it, its strengths and benefits were not accessible to enuf people.

Q: What then is Metabolic Typing?

A: For those looking for more physical “oomph,” it’s learning about metabolic patterns, which one applies to you; then, using the knowledge-base to modulate your diet, minerals and supplemnts.

Q: Isn’t this what mainstream allopathic medicine doctors were already doing?

A: No. They were not. Not ever. Not even nutritionists and Functional Medicine holistic practitioners were employing the clarity metabolic patterns offered. Even in 2023, mainstream Allopathic Medicine remains “disease specific,” a bug for every disease; and, a drug for every bug. Drugs, surgery and machines only. It thrives on fear; specifically, “Nature is our Enemy.” Metabolic Typing starts with the metabolic uniqueness of each person. It ends with personal responsibility and accountability for what you do — and do not — put into your mouth.

Q: Isn’t this what Jeffrey Bland and Functional Medicine, starting in the 1980s has been doing?

A: Not really. Tho a number of FM practitioners employ MetType, such as Dr. Michael McEvoy, the vast majority do not. As several MetType writers say, too many FM practitioners remain stuck in the “green allopathy” trap. What is it? It’s the allopathic paradigm of guessing, trial and error. Instead of guessing, trial and error with pharmaceuticals to address each symptom, FM practs substitute herbs, minerals and vitamins. Guessing, trial and error persists. The power of patterns is ignored.

Q: How can I apply the Power of Metabolic Patterns?

A: For those who have a month or two to study MetType full time, you can learn:

- Which of your organs, glands and metabolic functions are most efficient,

- Which are least efficient, and

- The non-invasive tests — about ten — to choose from to verify and validate which pattern your own metabolism is in.

Rasmussen’s book expands Metabolic Typing towards an expanded conceiving of our whole metabolism, starting with each person’s preferred pathway for making cellular energy (ATP). The non-invasive tests for this are simpler and cheaper than you may imagine.

The Rasmussen book is detailed in its approach. The table of contents is three and a half pages of topics. This is needed as it has no index.

If anyone has a PDF of this, let me know. I may make one. I’ve emailed the author a few times, no response yet.

Where to buy it

I got a used copy in like-new condition for $15. User reviews here:,+pH+and+Ayurveda+(2011)+by%C2%A0William+W.+Rasmussen&tbm=isch&source=lnms&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjbgYLEiMSCAxXUIUQIHdjNBKEQ0pQJegQIBxAB&biw=1329&bih=1052&dpr=1#imgrc=MFB7wzO3cyAKBM

To Learn More ~ 800 online pages on Metabolic Typing. His main preferred tes ting method is ARLabs hair test.

An Analytical System of Clinical Nutrition (5th ed, 2010) by Guy R. Schenker, DC. He was a student of Revici.​ No Amazon book reviews yet. Schenker’s website is

No paper copies at all, new or used. Out of print.​ Free PDF copies of Schenker’s book are here Do not use other download sites. Never give your credit card to download a free anything. This Zlibrary site does not require a credit card nor login to download. Only this one.