The Three Orders of Sciences we use everyday

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Villi of small intestime

Psychology, counseling, therapy

Because First Order Science is the domain of the single person, this means it is the natural domain of counseling and healing of individuals — psychology for purposes of client support and unburdening. Outside of emergency-trauma-accident medicine — which is Second Order — human wellness care is naturally in the domain of First Order Science, the domain of one person at a time.


Second Order Science is the domain of the rational, logical, sequential and the mathematical. In Iain McGilchrist’s terms, this is the domain of the emissary, the functionary of the Master:


Third Order Science is the most reflective and most question-loving of the Three Sciences we use everyday. It asks:

Roots and wings

It’s common to hear in whole-child K-12 schools “Parents should give their children two things, both roots and wings. Roots int e ground to give them grounding and a sense of belonging; yet also, wings to fly, to help free them from old constraints and prejudices, give them new ways to travel” ~ Goethe



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Bruce Dickson

Bruce Dickson

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA