Trump is not what’s going on. Building Team Human is what’s going on

Building TeamHuman is what’s going on now, not Trumb
  • The dearth of Progressive leaders with authentic “messenger karma.” This is not only a national vacuum. We need more leaders at state and city levels as more and more people get up off the couch and look for where to invest their time, money and effort. This is what’s going on.
  • Douglas Rushkoff’s rising meme of Team Human is converging talented innovators and Cultural Creatives towards Modern Money Theory (MMT), exposing how Guaranteed Basic Income is more a band-aid on elite-driven economy, not a solution. TeamHuman is other solution-oriented activity taking us towards more worker-owned businesses.
  • The split between the wider public; and, Progressive Cultural Creative activists; such as, Doug and most of the 112 innovators he’s interviewed on TeamHuman.FM podcast.
  • The split between information supporting the public “getting up off the couch” and what corporate mass media sells as news.
  • The split between information the public needs to “get up off the couch” and what corporate mass media sells as “news.” Will YOU say “No” to business-friendly news, corporation-friendly news, and celebrity soap opera news. This is what’s going on.
  • Women awakening. In the 1990s a mini-subculture of women awakening to their goddess-like nature flourished briefly. However looking back on this short-lived meme, it probably did more to underscore the unworkability of godessy activity as a way for modern Cultural Creative women to wake up. The Women’s March of Jan 2017 and the 100 women elected to Congress in 2018 were many times more powerful stimulants to wake women up. Now that women are waking up, the course is for women to steer into whole-brained thinking and actions, not simply wake up to think like men and replace male thinkers with women-who-think-like men. This is what’s going on.
  • The death of mainstream science as a Progressive force in Western culture. Wholly appropriated by corporations and corporation-funded academic research, what I call Sherlock Holmes Science is one-sided in its thinking, out of balance, dominated by left-brain-only, male thinking. This will eventually give way to more whole-brained thinking, using intelligences on both sides of our brain. Goethe had the right idea. A rectified Goethean Science is the way forward. When we start thinking Goethe’s way, about science, we realize Sherlock Holmes’ science paradigm is too small. It only serves left-brain intelligences. Building on Goethe, we really use The Three Sciences We Use Everyday. Then we have whole-brained science.
  • The split in psychology between psychology serving corporate agendas; including, corporation-funded academic research; and, live-event demonstrations of healthy group process, an art-form perfected in the 1980s and fully documented in the 1990s. Except for safety and survival issues, lecture is dead to Cultural Creatives. Cultural Creatives can learn more and faster from their own prior experience and from each other than they can from any single supposed expert put in front of them. We are shifting from “teaching” and “training” to “facilitating.” This so far is only happening on the fringes, not yet much in academia and business.
  • The tension between three things: escapism, productive activism and personal relaxation. Currently escapism is winning. Too many period tired from too many jobs — or no meaningful work at all — falling into low-quality stories of trauma-drama and soap opera which have less than nothing to do with creating a better future for our children and for seven generations. We need time for productive, local engagement and activism; and, for personal relaxation, so we can each create and support rhythm in our life. This is what’s going on.
  • The irrelevance of academia. Not only is the economic rationale to obtain a college degree evaporating, the moral-ethical ground of many, not all, colleges and universities is eroding like the polar bear standing on a two-foot by two-foot iceberg. The big problem in academia is not offering more relevant course topics. Rather, the big problem is the male-thinking-dominated hierarchical, top-down, organization. For state-funded systems like the CSU system and UC system in California, this problem begins in the State Legislature, where non-educator politicians coerce the colleges and universities they fund to mimic the top-down hierarchical, left-brain only organization in politics. Private colleges and universities are different, often run by corporate donations and research grants. The solution? Compassionate (nonviolent) Communication (NVC). NVC is still getting its act together, re-formulating itself more coherently into a professional grade psychology and method of teaching interpersonal competency.



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Bruce Dickson

Bruce Dickson

Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA