When the body can’t eliminate wastes fast enuf

Chapter 10 serializing of new book, Befriending Your Biology; Physical Health from the Inside Out.

Available on Kindle now. USBA stands for “urine-saliva biomarker testing,” a new name given to the original method of Dr. Carey Reams.
This is my best guess how to prevent all future pandemics. This is what needs to be learned, to return healthcare back to individuals, families and neighborhoods.

Waste removal in physical bodies

Imagine you are your physical biology now. You have intelligence on this level. You are in charge of working and managing all physical metabolism. The daily challenge? You have metabolic wastes and dead cells to dispose of every day. You want to dispose of these as quickly as possible. Which exit pathways are available? Sweat and breath are really minor exit pathways. Urine and poop are the only big, useful exit pathways (vomiting is only for emergencies).

As long as you can excrete all body wastes and dead cells as quickly as they are generated, no problem, your Biology is content.

Could it be with many people sick and/or overweight, problems with our biology’s simple waste removal system exist? You bet. if metabolic wastes accrue faster than our biology can release them; then, the body has a big problem.

Our biology has to store any wastes which can’t be removed in a timely manner. You have no other option. If wastes can’t get out, they have to be stored.

Yoru biology does not like being forced to store excess wastes. Why? There are no good places to store them. The body ends up storing excess wastes wherever it can.

Bones? Too solid, can’t store much of anything extra.

Fat? Yes, fat (not cellulite, not mis-folded proteins, those are different). Fat is a classic place to store excess metabolic wastes and waste toxins.

How about your soft tissues below the rib cage, the smooth muscles? Yes, you could store a spare-tire’s worth of waste material there. Also as our digestive organs and surrounding connective tissue have no bony cage surrounding them; it’s possible to greatly expand their volume.

dg-smooth muscle

Storing excess salts in skeletal muscles

If our biology still has excess wastes to store; and, the soft tissues of the abdomen are filled up, where else can it store wastes? It can store some excess salts in the striated skeletal muscles. This results in the “beef jerky” effect, muscles plus salt equals beff jerky. This was first noticed in corpse dissections of elderly Americans who ate the standard American diet.

Then there is this synergy. Abdominal soft tissues and smooth muscles can balloon due to wastes stored there. At the same time, the front, abdominal striated muscles on the front of our body can be used to store waste salts. This weakens our vertical abdominal muscles. So the ballooning out of the soft abdominal tissues, full of wastes, balloon out further.


Q: Why didn’t Old Medicine doctors pay attention to this?

A: If your main healthcare tools are synthetic drugs and surgery, you have no tools and little to say about optimizing waste removal thru urine and poop, nor, about unblocking blocked exit pathways for metabolic wastes.

How do we detox stored excess waste?

Again, our physical body has very limited options here. If our stomach senses toxins, it can throw-up the toxins by mouth. Other than that, it’s primarily limited to using urine and poop, kidneys and intestines; more rarely, skin rashes and eruptions.

What can you do to Befriend your Biology and support it?

- You can monitor the color and thickness of your urine. When you know the color and thickness of A range urine, deviations in color and thickness are telling you of the need for more frequent water drinking,

- You can monitor the consistency of your own poop. See Chapter 17.

Q: So if my urine is too colorful or too thick, I should always drink lots more water?

A: Not necessarily.

A healing crisis is too much waste releasing too quickly

With limited avenues for waste removal, if too much waste is released for removal too quickly, a traffic jam results. This is a “healing crisis.” These range from very mild to life-threatening.

The elderly grandmother of one of the Authors almost died from a healing crisis brought on by an over-eager foot reflexologist. She was sicker than she realized. The reflexology stimulated too much waste removal too quickly. She got very sick, felt nauseated, threw-up, then got dehydrated and almost died.

We say, in our reading and experience, almost no healing crisis is ever necessary. 99.9% of them result from poor personal management and/or lack of professional supervision. What you don’t know can harm you.

Each time one of the authors is called in to consult on, or “referee” on a case where a patron felt their healing crisis was due to mismanagement by a USBA grad, we realize USBA Healthcare College classes have to do a better job of educating students to understand healing crises; so, they can explain them to their patrons.

Consider: If a person is moderately to very sick, their urine-saliva biomarker number array will be in the C, D or E range. If you and your consultant believe you can regain your health and get to the A Range; then, the liver and all your organs have to metabolically re-pattern across one, two, three or four ranges.

In the past, in Homeopathy, holistic and natural healers used to describe this as “backtracking thru your symptoms.” You tend to backtrack thru them in time from your most recent physical symptoms, back to your earliest unresolved symptoms. As well, we tend to backtrack thru our old symptoms from highest priority to lowest priority.

Consider: The sicker you are to start with, the more ranges and symptoms you have to backtrack thru. The more symptoms to backtrack thru, the more likely you are, at some point, to have a healing crisis on your way back to health.

Given this, the goal has to be educating patrons the challenges ahead of them on their journey back to health. USBA consultants have to assess each client’s buy-in, how ready, willing, able and wanting — are they to go thru their old symptoms for the last time? What intensity of healing crisis can they tolerate?

Clients who choose to get better, have to be prepared for a roller coaster ride, feeling better, feeling worse, until they are back into A Range and can remain there.

Healing crises large and small

Q: I heard so-and-so had an instant healing. Can I have instant healing too?

A: Rapid release of physical symptoms without any healing crisis seems to occur in about 10% of cases. If this is your case, we celebrate this. For the rest of us in the 90%, it benefits us to Befriend our Biology.

In our body, from the level of our heart upwards, humans operate multi-dimensionally. We can move our awareness instantly between our feelings, our thinking and the heroes and villains in our life. Our awareness is free and moves freely.

Our physical body does not have this luxury. Its level of intelligence and genius is on the level of following genetic and chemical pathways, matching “locks” and “keys” at the molecular level. It’s activity is circumscribed.

The good news? Our physical biology is extremely stable and adaptive to external conditions. You might have noticed humans can thrive at both the North Pole and at the equator. At the level of our physical biology, we sacrifice freedom, for physical stability and physical continuity. Compared to human awareness from the heart upwards, our physical body only operates linearly and sequentially. This stability in our undermind supports our waking Self in the heart and above.

Student: … when you are sick, you are upchucking all this stuff. Reams: withdrawal … Manthei: this is [two steps forward, one step back].

Some people out there say, “‘Oh, Reams’ program puts you through a heavy detox [as if this was never positive or an error].’ They do not understand [our goal is changing the liver and body metabolic habits]. What we’re trying to do, is get the person to go through withdrawal.”

[As long as your particular body and reserve energy can handle it, it’s healthy to move out of B, C, D or E Range one or two ranges back towards A Range]. What you are up-chucking can be your own [dead, dying] body tissue. It can be your own liver bile. It can be your own delta and omega cells being sloughed off. You get sick to your stomach, or nauseated, or have aches and pains, or have diarrhea, or what have you. [This is not the same as] detoxification [from ingested toxins]. — From ANATOMY — Reams-Manthei Anatomy pg. 77–78 in RBTI Desk Reference.

Q: Do regular conventional MDs ever create healing crises for their clients?

A: Almost never. Why? Conventionally trained MDs are trained to put more toxins into the body; and, to suppress any and all symptoms, including healthy detoxing if it makes us feel the least bit uncomfortable.

In contrast with Old Medicine, the USBA (RBTI) approach of Befriending Your Biology, is more personally challenging. If a person wishes to improve their metabolic function in USBA, there is no escape from changing both diet and lifestyle at least somewhat. This is the natural “homework,” your natural “growth-work.” There is no escape and no alternative from changing habitual ways of eating and drinking, disturbing Nature’s Plan for your internal Heavenly Waters.

Q: What if I can’t stick with my USBA program? What if I fall off? Have I sinned?

A: The weight of our personal diet-drink errors can weigh heavily on clients. We can no longer blame doctors. We are accountable; only our choices to blame. This is why many USBA students and working consultants are so fond of counseling methods of self-forgiveness. You only have to forgive yourself, for judging yourself, one more time than you err. You only have to forgive yourself, one more time than you fall down

There is no escape from being “found out” on your diet-drink errors by your USBA consultant. Biomarker numbers do not lie.

When consultants uncover the errors clients have made, these can be teachable moments for patient education:

- At home, what support do you have to follow the program you wish to follow?,

- Do you want a USBA (RBTI) “buddy” you can call when you wish support to stay on the program? An online national data base of patrons wishing to have buddies to talk with weekly has been operated by USBA Healthcare Colleges since 2055;

- Are you wiling to attend a local support group? An online national data base of local, weekly USBA support groups for patrons has existed since 2056.

There is no RBTI magic pill or sexy-new-new supplement for achieving a perfect R7 number array. This is learning about and understanding your own biology in more depth. You do NOT have to have a medical or naturopathic degree. You only have to learn and understand enuf to reverse your next physical symptom. One step at a time.

Q: Which patrons do best on following thru with their custom diet-drink programs?

A: Studies done on patron follow-thru suggest a strong correlation between client follow-thru on their diet-dring program and persons on one path of self-mastery or another. It doesn’t seem to matter if the path of self-improvement is religious, spiritual or personal growth; these are the most motivated people to work with.

Many churches, synagogues and mosques invest not just meeting space but admin resources to keep their local USBA support groups going.

Q: How does intention for self-improvement correlate with patron follow-thru?

A: A recent study of individuals who followed a USBA diet-drink program for six months or more, concluded with this speculation. Under all paths of self-improvement seems to be the willinginess of the individual to connect with and befriend their own undermind and biology. This can be summed up as “committing to committing to your self.”

Inevitability of healing crises

As the body moves from zone to zone towards A Range, at least mild healing crises are inevitable. Even a mild healing crisis can frighten you. This is part of why if people were moderately ill or worse, Dr. Reams insisted on treating people only in a supervised retreat setting. In 2021 supervised USBA retreats are held in 25 states. Many of them are scheduled for summer; and, the weeks over Christmas-New Year.

Two steps forward, one step back pattern

In Reams’ time, he used the word “withdrawal” to describe his patrons getting better for a while; then, feeling subjectively worse. Reams used the term ”withdrawal” from the alcohol-drug addiction-recovery communities of the 1960s-1980s. Since the 2040s “withdrawal” has been replaced by the more descriptive idioms of:

- “two steps forward, one step back;” and

- “healing crises.”

Bio-physical meaning

When liver receives the pH and minerals it needs, the liver is energized to make all needed products for cells to build new cells.

When our biology can get news cells made quickly again, it releases old and dead cells. These release into the body’s exit pathways. Less precise, more metaphorical language said, “Now the body is strong enuf to take out the trash and dispose of it.”

Example of “forwards, backwards, forwards”

As each day passed, my strength grew and so did my enthusiasm for this wonderful program. It was not all fun. I remember Carey Reams coming to see me every day asking, “Joanne, have you thrown up today?”

I would groan that I had and he would smile and say, “Praise the Lord.” Later, during some of his lectures on health, Carey Reams explained the importance of very sick people throwing up during their cleansing period. This is often results from the body chemistry changing from a sicker range of values to a range closer to the A Range.

The first two weeks passed quickly. My ability to concentrate improved considerably. I was walking with a little less effort. My healing had begun and the war was on. There were many battles, some retreats, but no losses — Joanne Fontenot’s personal story, no page number NTTDie

Expectations about your healing process

Without any healthcare background, many new patrons have little experience with the “two steps forward, one step backwards” of the body’s healing process. What’s natural for your biology when it gets the nutrition it’s been lacking and wanting is:

- You start to feel better, more energy, then

- Your biology looks at its To Do list. With its new energy, it “invests” into whatever highest priority metabolic tasks it now has energy to work on. Typically these are going to be:

- Make new cells where they are needed, and

- Release old cells, and sub-standard cells ready for replace; or, ready to be replaced.

Consciously, we feel worse right away temporarily, as old worn out cells are removed (“creative destruction”). We gradually feel better again as the process of new cells replacing old cells passes a threshold where you consciously perceive improvement. Depending on how sick you were at the start, this can be a gradual process.

The above describes the two steps forward, one step backwards pattern. You will be explaining this to many, many patrons.

Q: Why am I and most patrons so challenged to perceive, cooperate and honor this pattern?

A: Because we have all had 200 years of Big Pharma promising “Quick relief from pain,” “instant relief,” Speedy Alkaseltzer telling us, “Pop, pop, fizz fizz. Oh what a relief it is!”

Speedy Alkaseltzer (1940s)

dg- Speedy Alkaseltzer 1940s

The “fast relief” “magic pill” promise of drug company advertising appeals to immature people, persons out of touch with their biology, child-ified adults, anyone divorced from their own biology undermind.

This means you as a USBA tester-analyzer will have many teachable moments with individual patrons and audiences who benefit from having someone they respect, inform them of how “two steps forward, one step backwards” is natural and normal. This is a big part of educating the public to Befriending their own Biology.

“Two steps forward, one step back” means you can expect progress towards your goal to go less smoothly than you imagined. The idiom suggests achieving a goal isn’t always a straight line, as we might want and wish.

In the human experience, making progress towards a goal can and does often involve minor set-backs. Hence the idiom points to the common experience of moving forward — then moving backwards — before you can move forward again.

The “step back” part is often caused by unexpected obstacles to your goal emerging. Still “two steps forward, one step back” implies a ‘net progression.’ Progress is being made. In this way, the idiom encourages persisting and persevering towards your goals — no matter how many set-backs your encounter.

For example, renovating a house. Say you finish re-modeling a kitchen only to discover faulty plumbing in the walls. Now you have to slow down, go back and tear out some of the lower cabinets to get at broken pipes. If you cooperate with the ”forwards~backwards” process, put in the labor and pay for the inconvenience, you come out with a more stable and appealing kitchen which causes you less trouble in the long-run.

Even tho you may have to sacrifice some of your progress to overcome a block in your path, it’s worth your while to keep applying yourself towards your goal :)

Expanded from a Lam Nye response on Quora — https://www.quora.com/What-does-the-expression-two-steps-forward-one-step-back-mean




Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA

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Health Intuitive, author in Los Angeles, CA

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