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What comes next is a brief story of Dr. Carey Reams. His unusual story suggests the many obstacles and long distance, mainstream culture, politics and commerce had to travel to transform to where Reams’ ideas and methods could be objectively evaluated; and finally, become common sense.

Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can yet see ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

The first principle of science is you not to allow yourself to be fooled — and you are the easiest person to fool ~ Richard P. Feynman

The great obstacle is not ignorance but the illusion of knowledge — Daniel J. Boorstin

All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

“Reams was both a physician and an agronomist. … Dr. Reams never really separated his two professions. He developed extensive systems related to both during the 1950’s and 60’s. While practicing medicine in Orlando, Florida, he opened a health retreat in Georgia. He used his accumulated practical experience and research to develop what he termed the Reams Human Health Equation, a diagnostic and analytical tool based on the testing of urine and saliva.
These expressions of a person’s internal terrain were tested with the identical LaMotte soil testing approach, which Reams favored when evaluating soil health. The resulting numbers measured energy loss in his patients. Reams and others accurately diagnosed specific diseases based upon small changes in numbers, without actually seeing his clients” (Dr. Beddoe, slides notes).

1904 (1910?) — Carey Allen Reams is born. The USA was still in the horse and buggy era. He grows up on his father’s farm in Florida.

Nicknamed “The Question Box,” he was always asking questions. He was in the horse saddle from age four onward.

1910 — At age six, he surprised adults around him by trading his horse for another horse, a saddle, a bridle and $85. Educated in a one room schoolhouse grades one thru 12. He hunted, fished, worked in the fields all his young life.

“During his childhood on the family farm in Florida, his intuitive and practical understanding of plant growth became legendary. It has been said his father entrusted him with sole responsibility for a significant growing area when he was just five years old. He devised a fertility program, organized labor and apparently produced an exceptional melon crop at a tender age” (Dr. Beddoe, slide notes).

1919 (1925?) — When Carey was 14 or 15, father became disabled by an incapacitating stroke. This ended Carey’s childhood. Carey shoulders the responsibility of running an orange grove, truck farm, & contracting surveying business (High Brix Gardens). He ran the farm doing hundreds of biochem experiments on his soil” (Beddoe).

In high School he had a teacher who really knew mathematics. He learned the basic principles from her. He also took a national correspondence course in math. He received a college scholarship.

He excelled in chemistry in high school. “Math, Chemistry/Physics were his forte. Reams believed for something to exist in any dimension it had to be describable in mathematical terms” (Beddoe notes).

Great Depression ~ When he was a young man, his aim was to be a medical doctor. When the Depression came, he was not able to get into medical college. He decided to study foods and food chemistry to help prevent people from becoming ill (CLOD p. 161).

1930 — He says, “You must remember I had done much research both in and out of college on animals, plants, fruits, fruit juices and vegetables.”

1931 — In college he was a pre-medical student. First year of college he established a medical laboratory in Orlando, FL. He solicited doctors in Orlando, Winter Park, & Winter Garden area. He says income from his medical laboratory put him through college & helped support the family. He says he thinks his lab was the first of its kind in the southeastern part of the United States.

A significant milestone in Reams’ life occurred in 1931. Another family lived in his neighborhood knew of Reams and his biochem studies. They had a 3 1/2 year old boy diagnosed by doctors as “epileptic” because of seizures. One day the father came to Reams asking for support.

Their urgent, personal appeal and invitation inspired Dr. Reams to apply soil chemistry analysis methods to body chemistry analysis, for purposes of “healing the sick.” This quest drove Reams to undertake a week of prayer and fasting. He says, within this period, over four days, with an angel holding his hand, strictly by mathematics, and with God in his mind, he arrived at a “formula” representing the perfect body chemistry of our internal liquid-fluid terrain. He came up with an array of seven numbers, how they should read when our internal Living Waters are in their optimal ranges for using oxygen and minerals. There was much reasoning and logic behind this. At the end of seven days he developed what he considered a perfect array. It was pages and pages of computational work.

Using his array, Reams generated test result numbers which told him the boy was suffering from extreme low blood sugar. His “epileptic” symptoms were actually caused by low sugar problems. He had a pancreas malfunction, not epilepsy.

Reams used his array to determine the best food experiment likely to yield a positive response for the boy’s body. He put St. Augustine grass clippings in an electric blender, ground them up, threw the soggy mess into a cloth bag, and pressed out a chlorophyll drink for him. This got the boy’s pancreas to burn sugar normally.

The boy got well from Reams’ diet and stayed well. He goes on to say “This was my first test case of the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization. I knew I had something; still, I didn’t know its potential.”

1930–1968 — He operated a research lab and ag consulting service based in Orlando, Florida.

Little is known of Reams’ youth and early medical career. It was only after his injury and subsequent surprise-recovery he really began to make his presence felt. His dual professions as an agricultural consultant and physician contributed to his understanding of a link between human health and soil health. He began developing relationships with leading researchers in this field — Dr Charles Northern and Dr William Albrecht — Taylor Hobson (2011) —

As a mathematical adept, Reams was very taken with and inspired by Einstein’s famous energy equation. Where Einstein’s work was showing how matter becomes energy, Reams ‘ focus was how energy becomes matter.

During his years of friendship with Albert Einstein [apparently true yet never evidenced; in person? by letters?] he once chided him saying ‘you know how to take matter apart but you don’t know how to put it back together again.’ Einstein immediately shot back, figuring out how to do that was a job for Reams.

1935? — Finished premedical studies; yet, because of the economic depression could not go on to medical college due to having to buy an acceptance into school. He took and finished a course of study in Agriculture. That same year he began analyzing fruits, vegetables, etc. He was surprised at the varying degrees of mineral content in them.

His bio between high school and WW II includes the Dust Bowl era when soil engineers were in high demand and well-paid.

1936? — After finishing the agriculture course, he sells his medical laboratory and opens his agricultural laboratory. He begins his Agricultural Engineering Business which became a life’s work.

1937 — He marries Elva Locklear who bears him Laverne, Allena, Eugene, David, & Thelma …
1938 / 1939? — Travels to England to study medicine. (Note, in this period, his chronology is a bit difficult to decipher.)

“His medical degree, completed in England, included an undergraduate degree in chemistry. Upon returning to the US to practice medicine, Reams chose to retain his independence by avoiding membership of the American Medical Association (AMA). His rebuttal of drug-based mainstream medicine eventually culminated in a Californian jail term during his later years” (Dr. Beddoe, slides notes).

1944 — His work was interrupted by WWII. Reams enlisted in the US army as a chemist and Officer with the Special Operations Branch. He taught chemical warfare course (protection from?) w/200 students. He was sent to the Pacific Rim (New Guinea, Island of Medan, Island of Luzon, Bataan). He received Field Promotion Rank of Major.

Riding in a truck in the Philippines, in a landmine explosion, he was severely injured. He suffered serious spinal injuries. At the Seventh General Hospital in New Guinea, he endured surgeries on skull and brain. Afterwards he was paralyzed from waist down, his right kidney torn out. His massive injuries gave him lifelong physical difficulties. Elva divorces him leaving him with five children.

After the Army, he was an in-demand professional agricultural engineer due to his success with both farms and golf green problems. However his recovery from war injuries did not progress as hoped. He deteriorated to the point he considered himself close to death.

In 1950, in desperation, he travelled to suburban Philadelphia to attend a Katherine Kuhlman faith healing service. The service, later documented in Katherine Kuhlman’s book, apparently produced a miraculous cure for Reams, and he was able to walk and function normally. Dr. Reams’ subsequent conversion to Christianity would greatly influence his later work. He now came to see nature as both divinely ordered and holistic. This was in stark contrast to pigeon-holing, specialist approach of conventional science” (Beddoe slides notes).

In regard to his instantaneous healing received at the Kathryn Kuhlman meeting he reports, “Jesus made the biological laws of physics, the laws of health, and He can change them any time He wants to, for His glory and He can do it instantaneously (CLOD p. 160)

Dr. Reams received personalized healing from famous faith healer, Katherine Kuhlman in 1950.

In 1951 he attended a Kathryn Kuhlman Christian revival-healing meeting where he was “healed.” (see I Believe In Miracles by Kathryn Kuhlman, Chapter 2).
Then the most fantastic part of his story:
By 1970 he had developed quite a reputation. He began working with the local medical hospital. He offered to work with the doctors. They declined. They preferred to send Reams their hopeless cases. Between 1970–1971 hospital doctors sent him 25,000 patients [who mostly came to Reams’ retreats]. 10,000 were terminally ill. Only five did not walk away with better health or remission. This attracted the attention of the insurance companies and the AMA — Citation lost, from an audio?

Reams: “I am willing to take any case, without seeing the person, or having any case history. In thirty minutes I can tell by the numbers what the problem is. Hundreds of doctors have seen me do this.”

“After working 38 years with this system in the three largest hospitals in one of our larger cities in Florida, I was not found wrong one time in doing this work for the doctors. Even surgery was performed when all the instruments showed nothing was wrong and the RBTI test was proven correct each time.

Sometimes surgery was performed, when I had given the instruction the patient’s energy was too low to stand the operation, and would die on the operating table. There was not one exception.

“With the RBTI test we have located everything from brain tumors to ingrown toenails without any physical examination other than the numbers; later, we did look at the blood vessels in the eyes to see if the body was cooperating — CLOD p 85

Reams said: “We tested over 24,000 people in 1970–1971. Over 10,000 of those came to us as ”terminal.” Of all these, we lost five. Those five we couldn’t keep alive for 30 days.”

Elsewhere it’s said 10% or more of those 10K were referred to him directly by doctors as “hopeless cases.” Reams worked directly with a Florida hospital and doctors, often accepting their hopeless cases.

“Hundreds of doctors have seen me take any case [saliva/urine samples -pj] and in 30 minutes tell what the problem is without seeing the person or having any case history.”

When I arrived at the Interfaith Christian Church retreat center in Georgia the end of March, 1976, I took such a test and went through the period of fast.
Dr. Reams did not ask me my medical history. After my first urine/saliva test, he looked at the numbers on my card as listed below. He then told me I had the following problems:

Anyone having numbers as found on this laboratory report would be a borderline diabetic. The pancreas is not making enough insulin. There is a deficiency in calciums causing a little bit more inward tension, a very small amount at this time. The cholesterol is building up in your system, not high, but noticeable. The proteins are not digesting normally. Actually you are growing old faster than is normal. Your enthusiasm often runs away with your strength. Also, some blood cells are now appearing in the urine, coming from the prostate area. There is a minor hemorrhoidal condition. There is carcinoma from the left lobe of the colon all the way down to the rectum; and, a little emphysema in both lungs. There is a very little carcinoma in the right kidney — not near as much as the left. This causes many people who sit for too long a time to have a backache.

You also have an energy rating of about 48. That energy rating is based on 0 to 100. It should be up in the 90’s. This is too low!” — Kirban p 56–57

My associate, Bob Conner, 55, took the test:
You are in the zone for a major heart attack.”

Bob sat stunned in the library of Dr.Carey Reams. Dr. Reams continued, “You have a tendency towards fluctuating blood sugar. Your are digesting too slowly. You have headaches. Your cholesterol is building up in the arteries and veins. Your proteins are not digesting.

You also have a little emphysema in both lungs. You have some carcinoma in the prostate area and in the lower colon and you have a minor hemorrhoidal condition. …” Kirban p 19

ROBERT W. CONNER — Health Analysis of Urine-Saliva Report — First Analysis March 17, 1976.

You are a prime candidate for a major heart-attack. You have a tendency towards low blood sugar, a fluctuating blood sugar. Your food is digesting too slowly. You have headaches. Your cholesterol is building up in the arteries and veins. Your proteins are not digesting. You have a little emphysema in both lungs. You have some carcinoma in the prostate area and in the lower colon and you have a minor hemorrhoidal condition. Your reserve energy level is 51/100.

Bob Connor’s analysis at end of fast and retreat schedule
You are no longer in the major heart attack zone. On the second through sixth days your body went through withdrawal and completed this on the eighth day. Your digestion has improved considerably. The cause of the cholesterol has dropped a little below normal. However, all of the cholesterol is not out yet. It is caused by the body retaining too much salt.

Your report shows you are not drinking enough water. You are allergic to white potatoes, tea, chocolate, spaghetti and macaroni. You should eat meat only twice a week. Your reserve energy level is now 53/100 — Kirban p 171
-=+ -=+ -=+

Dr Reams continued to teach agriculture and human health classes through the seventies and early eighties. The validity of his nutrition-enhanced vitality was graphically illustrated in his personal life, when he remarried and fathered a child while in his 80’s.

Carey Reams was also a good musician. He did not sing; yet, he played a number of instruments, including the bassoon, trombone, accordion, baritone, alto horn, french horn, piano and organ. He was not a classical player. He played well enough to get through a church service. While he does not have time enough to stay in practice on any of these instruments, he remains a lover of music.

He had real strengths as a public speaker. On one occasion he was asked to speak in a university in which half of the students didn’t want him to speak, and began to boo. As he stood to speak he waited a number of minutes for the booing to die down — it didn’t.

Very loudly he said, “Would you like for me to tell you about the time I was caught in bed with another man’s wife?” A few in the front rows quieted down. After repeating the same question a second, third and fourth time, most students were sitting on the edge of their seats. Then he said, “An honest confession is good for the soul.”

He allowed for several seconds of silence, keeping them in suspense. Then he said, “You know what that man said to me?” The audience could hardly wait to hear. “I was five years old and my father said, ‘Son, go get in your own bed. Your father is tired from a hard day’s work and wishes to sleep now.’ ” (CLOD p. 162).

No official biography of Reams exists, no scholarly works on Reams exist. What we do have is online bios, his daughter Betty’s memoir; and, Elinor Barnes memoir about working at three of Reams’ retreats. Most biography we have comes from Reams’ spoken stories.

Ream’s direct students note he gave multiple dates and places for some significant events. How come? A great deal of his personal-professional papers were confiscated by the government and never returned when they harassed him for practicing medicine without a license.

His findings were later codified in an overall view of life and energy known as Reams Biological Theory of Ionization (RBTI). Reams summarized his beliefs by saying, “God is the basis of life, life is the basis of energy, energy is the basis of matter.”

In the 1930s-1960s he believed women should be in a hospital to bring forth their children as there were many things which could happen. A hospital is equipped to handle any eventuality. He believed to the end of his life surgeons do a very remarkable job. He finds most good surgeons and physicians do the best they have been trained to do; yet, they know very little about tailor-making diets for individuals (CLOD p 163).

Foundational for Reams’ life and success as a scientist was his faith in God. As a disciple of Jesus he sought to live his life according to a biblical standard. He began every day of lectures with morning devotions. He encouraged his students to follow biblical precepts about food and thought. Reams emphasized that the major distinction between Christianity and any other religion is Christ’s empty grave. No other religion has an empty grave — CLOD pg. 161

Carey was a lover of the great outdoors, and a fisherman. Plus being a camera enthusiast. He loved to take pictures of landscapes and flowers. He had many albums of pictures taken in various parts of the world. He was an excellent cook, and did not mind washing the dishes. If he was ever a visitor in your home, you will find that he made his own bed, cleaned the tub, kept his room tidy. You hardly know he was there. He realizes the heavy load a mother has and does all in his power to lighten her load. He was more like a member of the family from the first day. It seemed to me we had known him forever — Cliff Dudley CLOD p. 161.

Reams: “I have developed a test called the Reams Biological Theory of Ionization as a result of prayer and fasting for seven days in 1931, used ever since. It has been a great help to people. Today it is spreading all over the world. For this discovery I have been arrested more times than the Apostle Paul. I have not stayed in jail as long, but there are only 44 more states for me to be arrested in for teaching the health message as it is written in the Bible.”
The above suggests how Dr. Carey A. Reams was a man ahead of his time. Trained in mathematics, biophysics, and biochemistry, he made many discoveries in the fields of human health, plant growth, energetics, animal health, and soil restoration.

If a health practitioner is never exposed to the significance of [urine-saliva testing-analysis] they will always and only ever have a symptom-based therapy system. … No matter how natural, or otherwise, the therapy of a health practitioner, whether in using vitamins, homeopathy, herbs, massage, chiropractics, wholistic dentistry, kinesiology, iridology, raw foods, colonics, acupuncture etc., the symptom will remain the focus of the therapy; the real cause will not be addressed — Beddoe — — Michael Olszta: Carey A Reams — A “Moses” For Health, Unpublished Auto-Biography.
A.F. Beddoe RBTI public talk slides notes on SlideShare.
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