Why things seem difficult or easy in life

When your unconscious knows how to do something, the behavior is easy to do, gets easier each time

Bruce Dickson
2 min readMar 2, 2024
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The pattern is: if my unconscious knows how to do something, the behavior lives in my memory, easy to recall and enact, easy for me.

Breathing and walking are easy for most of us for the same reason. Our unconscious has mastered these habits.

Take walking. We can talk on the phone, while walking the dog while we walk. 100% of our waking attention is NOT needed for walking. Try walking every step 100% consciously; it’s tiring. We give up quickly. We primarily walk subconsciously, and tolerate or even enjoy our style and manner of walking. In this way, our most common main motor functions become learned habits (less conscious) by design.

In some kindergartens today, five year olds are mastering learning to tie their own shoelaces. Once you know how — and you practice — it’s easy. Thru practice-repetition new behaviors “precipitate” down into our unconscious. If we’re self-connected, intention to “do better next time” also exists.

In higher frequency skill levels; such as thinking and feeling, the exact same learning dynamic occurs. In Emotional Intelligence, if you know how to relate and converse with people, without making waves, it’s easy; once you know how it’s easy.

This suggests the pattern of how everything seems either easy or hard for us here in 3D life. If a desirable behavior you wish to have appears out of reach, you simply need more practice and repetition.